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Update: This is a page for a device which was discontinued in 2011. Most of the links are broken. If you have an eBookwise, ask for help in the forums.

Ebookwise is a company that features the eBookwise-1150 dedicated eBook reader. See http://www.ebookwise.com/ebookwise/ebookwise1150.htm. It can be purchased with or without a Smart Media expansion card. A same ebook reader without the Smart Media card is available online from Filament Books: http://www.filamentbooks.com/ebcontent/devices/1150_monthly.asp bundled as a package with a one year club membership. Both stores are owned by Fictionwise.

[edit] Bookshelf

Ebookwise offers books for sale from the Fictionwise collection that are specifically formatted for their eBook Reader. They also provide an Online Bookshelf for the books you buy. DRM eBooks can be purchased for download via the Bookshelf. Filament eBooks also use the same Bookshelf.

The bookshelf can also be used to store a limited number of books that you make yourself. Uploaded books to the Online Bookshelf provides the ability to convert files in different formats for download on to your reader. Upload formats include:

  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • Rocket eBook Editions (.rb)
  • Plain text files (.txt)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)
  • OEBFF (.oeb)

The eBookwise-1150 has a built in modem for accessing the eBookwise Bookshelf server; or you can use its USB port to connect through your computer to access the Bookshelf. This online Bookshelf is also shared with Filament books and if you purchase a Book in IMP format from Fictionwise it can be directly imported to the bookshelf for download.

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