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Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland on the eBookwise Reader. (Tap image twice to read text)


  • Made by: eBook Technologies
  • Released: 2004?
  • Predecessor: GEB1150 (aka REB1100 with screen-swap by Gemstar)
  • Languages Supported: English
  • File Types Supported: IMP


This is one of the least expensive dedicated readers you can buy new. It has a 5.6" (14.2 cm) LCD 16 level gray scale backlit screen. The screen resolution is 320 x480 pixels. It is very simple to use as there are only 3 buttons (power, next page, and previous page) and 5 permanent icons (menu, screen controls, swap books, library browser and one you can program).


  • Weight - 18 ounces (0.51 kg)
  • Size - 5.0” x 7.5” x 1.5” (12.7 x 19.1 x 3.8 cm)
  • Memory - 4MB RAM; 8MB internal Flash for program and content storage; expanded content storage on SmartMedia™ Memory Cards, up to 128MB
  • CPU - Cirrus Logic ARM-7
  • Battery - Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Screen - Back-lit 5.5” diagonal 4-bit grayscale LCD touch screen; half-VGA resolution (with 104 ppi it means the screen is 3.1" wide x 4.6" tall for a diagonal of 5.5")
  • Communications - Internal v.34 33.6Kbps modem and USB
  • Accessories - Stylus, power adapter (OUTPUT: 12VDC, 1000mA with center + voltage for INPUT: 110/120 Volts, 60Hz, 18W), protective case, USB cable (mini USB type B 4 pin) and phone cord

Adding eBooks

Content can be added to the unit in the following ways:

  • Purchased or downloaded content in IMP file format can be copied to an external SMC card using a card reader to mount the card. The card can then be inserted in the device and used. Powering up the device will convert the IMP file to the internal format. Lots of sites provide books in this format.
  • Content from Fictionwise, eBookwise, and Filament Books can be download via an online Bookshelf using the device attached to a USB connector on a PC or Mac. The online bookshelf supports DRM content.
  • Content from the above 3 sources can be retrieved from the same web site using the built in 33K modem. This is slow and needs a phone number and login such as your ISP.
  • My ebooksystem can be used, with a login, to download IMP files and to convert and download TXT files.
  • Content can be downloaded direct via USB from a third party program such as GEB Librarian (no-longer a supported product), Impserve or the now free REB librarian.
  • GEB Librarian, the online Bookshelf, and other programs can convert files in several other formats to IMP files to transfer to the device.
  • It can display simple webpages if a book with links is loaded, such as the online no-frame version of baen free library books.
  • For advice about adding Content to the device with Linux as your OS check EBookwise-1150-Linux.


As manufactured this unit is now called the ETI-2. The EB1150 is a replacement for the earlier GEB1150 after Gemstar went out of business. It has new firmware to remove any dependency of GEB webservers.

This device has found new popularity in the newspaper industry with newspaper carriers. MyDistrict.Net, a newspaper application service provider, sends route delivery lists to each carrier's EB1150 (ETI-2) device each day. Using a special vehicle mount bracket, the backlit devices are easy to read in the dark. Eliminating the use of paper and internal dome lights while driving, delivering newspapers is much safer and more accurate.

Helpful Tips

On Vacation:

1. Try single- or double-bagging the reader in Ziploc bags to keep out water and sand. Push out as much air as possible to have easy access to the controls. The remaining air in the bag will help it float, in case of an accidental dunking. (By DixieGal 6/9/08)

2. A simple trick to keep the screen readable in sunshine is to put the reader into a baseball cap and use the brim to shade the screen. (By DixieGal 6/9/08) Also, turning off the backlight will improve readability in sunlight.

3. The power adapter supplied with the unit will only work on 110 V. You will need an adapter for 220V use, either an AC adapter to reduce the input voltage for your current adapter or a replacement. The input requirements for the unit are 12 Volts at 1000 mA center positive. The plug size is unusual so check to make sure that you have the correct connector available. This AC-DC adapter looks like it might work but has not been verified.

Fixing stuff:

1. Getting the best battery life on a new unit - by Garth Conboy of eBook Technologies

2. Here is how to reformat an external SM card on the device.

  1. Make sure the device is off and insert the card.
  2. Hold down the previous page (bottom) button while turning the 1150 on
  3. hold button down until all is loaded, may be a second or two.
  4. tap little book guy at upper left (main menu button).
  5. tap info and then tap more
  6. Tap the new more option
  7. Tap on "erase external"
  8. Tap on "yes"
  9. Tap on "no" (if this fails repeat and answer "yes"

3. Here is how to recalibrate the touch screen

  1. Turn EB1150 off.
  2. Hold down the previous page (bottom) button while turning the 1150 on,
  3. hold button down until all is loaded, may be a second or two.
  4. tap little book guy at upper left (main menu button).
  5. tap info and then tap more
  6. If all went right you should have a (Align) selection.
  7. tap that and follow the instructions.

4. Here is how to un-register (refurbish) your device when you sell it.

  1. Power off the device
  2. Hold down the previous page button (bottom button when held in left hand)
  3. Power on device
  4. Continue holding down the previous page until the eBook boots into the Bookshelf
  5. Tap the Menu icon (the upper left "eBook guy" icon)
  6. Tap the "info" soft menu item
  7. Tap "more"
  8. Tap "more"
  9. Tap "refurbish"
  10. Tap "yes"

Best Features

1. Can be read while charging.

  • Brightest backlight setting last about 7-7 1/2 hours.
  • Lowest backlight setting last about 15 hours.
  • I usually have about 11 hours to a charge.

2.File type must be IMP but you can easily add plain txt, rtf, doc, and html files using a converter program.

3.LCD dislplay is a touchscreen.

  • Touchscreen can highlight text or bookmark a passage to find later.
  • Has a search function that can be used to find a word or phrase.
  • Has a dictionary feature that can be used to look up words while reading a book.
  • Can also use touchcreen and stylus to make notes in a "margin." (by Fourkats13 1/4/09)
  • note pages can be added if you need more room.

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