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Fictionwise is a leading company in eBooks that are available from a web based dealer.


[edit] Overview

Fictionwise features both DRM (secure) and non-DRM eBooks in a wide variety of formats. They also have magazine subscriptions available. Fictionwise is an excellent source of short fiction as individual items rather than in an anthology. They have a limited selection of free books, and occasionally offer free downloads in special promotions. They also have a mobipocket lending library for members of their BuyWise Club* (currently offering a very limited selection). They also sell subscriptions to eMagazines.

  • The BuyWise Club is no longer being continued, although existing memberships are valid until the end of their subscription.

[edit] Multiformat

Unencrypted eBooks that are available in a variety of formats for handheld devices and computers. When you purchase a MultiFormat eBook, you can download it in any or all of these 13 formats:

[edit] Secure Formats

The following Secure Formats are available on Fictionwise

  • eBooks that are available in encrypted eReader (Palm Reader) format

[edit] Lending Library

Those who buy the FictionWise Membership Club are also given an LibWise account. Simply use the same username password created for the FictionWise store to access the LibWise library. And one can start borrowing books right away. The only limitation is that books in LibWise are in Mobi Format (secured/unsecured).

Sites other than Fictionwise support the Fictionwise library lending program. You have to register with with the site, but then all the books you sign out will show up on your Fictionwise bookshelf as if you had signed it out of the Fictionwise lending library.

NEW - The Fictionwise Buywise Club can no longer be renewed and new subscriptions are no longer available. All existing Buywise Club members may continue to use their benefits until their memberships expire.

[edit] Owned subsidiaries

eBookwise link: - offers secure and non-secure eBooks in IMP format for the eBookwise-1150. - a eBook club that supports the eBookwise-1150. - a site that supports eReader format. - A site to help a library to lend eBooks. Fictionwise itself uses this software to provide a library for its Buywise Club members

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