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RB is the extension identified with the Rocket eBook from NuvoMedia (and later REB 1100 from Gemstar). The original was simply called Rocket.


[edit] Format

RB is a container for holding Rocket eBook content. It can use DRM but the books being supplied today do not use it. The container typically contains an HTML file with the images in it and a pseudo-OPF (.info) file with all of the metadata or at least this is what it looks like after being converted.

[edit] Creating content

Programs that can generate RB content include:

  • Book Designer - windows
  • GEB Librarian - windows - Can also view RB files
  • RocketLibrarian by NuvoMedia (supplied with Rocket eBook) - check the direct link to RocketLibrarian (v.1.3.222).
  • eBook Librarian by Gemstar (supplied with REB 1100) - check the 'REB1100 Install CD' link which contains eBook Librarian (v.2.0.241).
  • rbmake - windows/Unix - hosted on SourceForge (also rbinfo, rbdump). RBMake can also disassemble RB files.

[edit] Reading RB

The primary reading platform for RB files is the REB 1100 or Rocket eBook.

Programs exist on Windows platforms that can read and convert unencrypted RB books, like:

  • rbburst - windows/Unix - (from rbmake hosted on SourceForge)
  • unrb.exe - windows (from RB2Project)
  • RbDisintegrator.exe - windows (from Book Designer)

[edit] External information

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