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Here is where to go to find help with your Energy_Sistem_eReader_Pro+.
Most of the information collected in this wiki is collected from the mobileread forums.

Note:work in progress, please ad your findings.


[edit] General

[edit] User's Manual

The very basic original manual can be found here: User's Manual

[edit] Contact

Energy Sistem Technology S.A.
C/ Calpe, 1 Finestrat (Alicante)
03509 SPAIN


[edit] Firmware

[edit] Current version: 3.0.0B

[edit] Older versions


  • Improvement: much better battery life in sleep modus.
  • Improvement: Quickdic installed.
  • Google Play Store installed
  • NOTE: A system reset is needed upon installation.

2.0.0 This version suffered from some bugs. It was was replaced by 2.0.0B soon after release.

1.0.0 Initial Version.

[edit] Firmware upgrade procedure

  • Backup data and settings.
  • Make sure your batterypowers is at least 50%
  • Connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi.
  • Select Settings then Energy updates then Search for updates.
  • be patient (downloading 289 files)

If this does not work then:

  • Select Settings then Backup & Reset then Reset eReader: You will loose all of your settings, data and apps.
  • Download version 2.0.0B firmware
  • Copy the zip file to the root folder of a microSD card.
  • Insert the microSD into the eReader and restart the eReader and allow it to upgrade.

Alternative to the last two points, especially useful if you don't have a microSD card (yet): instead of the last two points, set the "USB Connect Mode" in Settings->User settings to "mass storage", plug the device to your computer via USB and copy the zip file to the main storage. After the copying is over, unplug and the device should recognize the upgrade file and ask whether you wish to upgrade.

After the upgrade the touch screen may be non or partially functioning.
To fix it do this:

  • Press the screen refresh button and the reset button (using a paper clip) at the same time.
  • Release the reset button but do not release the screen refresh button until the device has restarted and there is a robot lying on its back with a door open and an exclamation mark displayed.

[edit] General usage: Tips and Trouble shooting

Using the Tips and tricks in this chapter do not require the rooting of your device. It is expected that you update your Pro+ device to the latest firmware (2.0.0B).

[edit] Sleep modus - power on button not responsive

Users (inclucding the author of this paragraph) experience occasionaly problems switching on the device when in Sleep modus.

The reason why is unclear, as the batterry can be fully charged.

Waking up your device can be done by plugging it into the charger. The device restarts.

[edit] Front light issues

[edit] Adjust light intensity to lower than lowest level

There is a workaround to get the a lower light intensity than the standard lowest setting.

  1. Do NOT use the the standard light-bulb button that makes the light go up step by step.
  2. Go to the home screen.
  3. Tap the right bottom corner of the screen (where the clock and battery icon are).
  4. A small popup appears. At the right is a settings icon. Tap it.
  5. The popup gets bigger. Use the glide button next to the little sun to adjust the light intensity.

TIP: Switch the light on/off by pressing the page refresh button (upper fysical button left hand side) two seconds. This setting is remembered until you adjust the light setting using the standard procedure.

[edit] Light intensity unstable when WIFI is on

Modest flickering of the frontlight occurs from time to time. This is the case when the Wi-Fi is on. Switch it of:

  1. Go to home screen
  2. tap the clock
  3. tap the the settings icon
  4. set Wi-Fi button to OFF

[edit] Reading: Tips and Trouble shooting

[edit] Dictionary Workaround

Unfortunatly, shorlty after frimware 2.0.0B was released(August 2015) the Quickdic dictionary that comes with 2.0.0B was no longer supported in the Google Play Store .

Installing "QuickDic restored" by Reimar Döffinger solves the problem.

Reimar Döffinger: "This is largely for users surprised by the removal of the original QuickDic app. The original dictionary files got lost, it offers some I had locally, some I was sent and I regenerated all EN-* ones"

It is adviced to check and update regularly as more dictionaries get restored.

It may happen that QuickDic Restored won't work for you, with QuickDic crashing. An alternative is to install other dictionary, such as ColorDict and use it with other reading application, such as alreader or moonreader.

[edit] Adding New Fonts

In a few simple steps one can add fonts to the device.

  1. Attach your device to a computer
  2. Create a folder "fonts" in the root directory
  3. put the font files of choice (*.ttf) in the directory

A font family consists of four files: one each for Regular, Italic, Bold and BoldItalic (source) A very nice font can be hound here

[edit] Reading: Using pre-installed or extra reading apps

[edit] Pre-installed Readers

[edit] Switch the pre-installed Reader

Your device comes with two readers preinstalled: FBReader and Adobe Reader. Switching your Reader of choice is simple: Go to settings > users setting > Set the default book reader The settings toggle from the one to the other program.

[edit] FBReader (FB2 Reader) - preinstalled

The preinstalled FB reader has apparently been adapted to the E-ink screen.


  1. simple and fast
  2. reads ePub , mobi, azw3, txt and of course fb2-files.


  1. FBreader has only limited Epub support. EPUB-Books that contain too advanced CSS formatting are not displayed properly. For example the formatting of the titles might disappear. The preinstalled app is a modified version of FBReader, with some improvements such as nice integration but also with disadvantages, such as some options of the "stock" FBreader not available. As expected, it is also not possible to update the FBReader app from Google Market from this reason.

[edit] Adobe Reader

You will need the Adobe reader if you want to read DRM protected books. Reading PDF: The Adobe Reader aps opens when you open a PDF-file (even when the FBreader is set as default). This is convenient as Adobe Reader offers better support reading PDF.


  1. reads ePub an PDF among others
  2. reads DRM protected books


  1. Less flexible in settings
  2. Not as stable as FBreader

[edit] Installing other reader apps

One can install other readers as an app. They can not be installed as default reader. Opening a book with a reader app requires that you open the app first and then open the book.
Remember that Android Apps are designed for LCD screens, you 'll have to set you background to white. Some reader-apps to have a setting for e-ink displays. Eg Alreader.

[edit] Alreader

AlReader basicly reads all popular ebook fomats: fb2, fbz, txt, epub (no DRM), html, doc, docx, odt, rtf, mobi (no DRM)...
The App has got lots of settings that my need some time to explore.
e-ink friendly: Alreader has got a special profile for e-ink devices. Alreader App in Google Play
Website (often out of date)

[edit] Cool Reader

(more soon)

[edit] Reading: Selecting text, taking notes (using FB2 as default reader)

Selecting text gives you 4 options:
copy the text, taking a note, "higlightig" and dictionary.

Selecting a single word
Hold your finger on the word.

BUG: it is not possible to select a part of a word using the little pointers. The selection disapears. The option to partially select a word is useful when the dictionary does not recognise the full word. Eg:

Selecting text
Gently hold your finger on the first word, then gently select till the last word.

Note: It is not possble to adjust the selection using the little pointers. The selection simply disappears. This is a bug.

Taking Notes - second option
Choose the second option and one can type a note.
Editing an existing seems NOT possible.

Highlighting text - third option

The "highlighted" puts the text on a grey background..

Exporting notes

(please ad your way)

[edit] Advanced: Tips that require Rooting

[edit] Rooting?

Rooting means you get under the skin of the devices firmware. This gives you access to hidden settings, folders and system files.
Rooting gives you endless possibilities tweaking your device. In this chapter we focus on features that are related to reading on an E-ink device. (more soon)

[edit] Rooting and warranty

Rooting your device does not affect your warranty. If the rooting causes your device to malfunction you'll have to reinstal the original firmware yourself. Source: Energy Sistem Forum topic

[edit] How to Root your device (more later)

(more later)

[edit] Modification 1 (Rooting required)

(more later)

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