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The Epson Electronic Paper Display, EPD, controller IC was developed by combining technologies from both Epson and E Ink. E Ink also helped spec out this EPD controller from Freescale.


[edit] Overview

The Epson display controller will bring greater functionality to EPDs using E Ink technology by speeding up the user interface via seamless navigation, drop down/popup menus, responsive cursors and real-time keyboard entry. The controller enables the display to perform up to 16 tasks in parallel, and supports smooth and responsive pen input devices for annotations and sketches.

Epson's controller IC's functionality is fully enabled when integrated into a display solution utilizing a host controller, tuned waveforms, and E Ink's Vizplex-enabled active matrix electrophoretic displays. Its ability to perform partial screen updates contributes to a more responsive screen for both input and output usage.

[edit] Specifications

[edit] S1D13521B controller

This is a specific E Ink controller

  • CPU Interface: 16bit I/F, Indirect addressing
  • Color Depth: Up to 5-bit grayscale waveforms
  • Maximum screen resolution: 4096x4096
  • Display Functions:
    • High speed screen updates,
    • Multi-Regional updates,
    • Rotation
  • External memory: Up to 64MB SDRAM
  • Supply voltage 1.65V~3.6V
  • Serial Flash Memory Waveform Read Support,
  • Sensor I/F for temperature correction,
  • Embedded PLL

[edit] S1D13522A controller

S1D13522 controller adds touch/pen screen support but is less capable in other ways.

  • CPU Interface: 16bit I/F, Indirect addressing, serial Interface
  • Color Depth: Up to 4-bit grayscale waveforms
  • Maximum screen resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Display Functions:
    • Panel Border support
    • Multi-Regional updates,
    • Rotation
  • Embedded memory: 2MB SDRAM
  • Supply voltage 1.65V~3.6V
  • Serial Flash Memory Waveform Read Support
  • Sensor I/F for temperature correction
  • Embedded PLL
  • Picture in Picture with Transparency

[edit] S1D13524 color

The Epson S1D13524 is a high-performance EPD controller with a built-in color processor that enables seamless integration of color e-paper displays into a variety of devices. Initially this controller is used with the E Ink Triton‎‎ display.

  • packed data transfer of 8bpp or 16bpp for color and 4bpp for grayscale display. (bpp=bits per pixel)
  • built in color processor
  • built in dither function
  • High resolution color up to 2560 x 2048 @ 85 Hz
  • Monochrome resolution up to 3200 x 2560 @ 50 Hz
  • Higher resolution 8000 x 8000 at lower frame rates.
  • Multi-regional updates for smooth drawing.
  • Rotation support.
  • 16 bit indirect, TFT or Serial Indirect Host Support.
  • automatic temperature compensation.
  • DMA support for external 16/32 bit LP-DDR and SDR memory.
  • advanced sequencer engine with ALU
  • Software power management

[edit] Other controllers from Epson

  • Epson also makes a USB controller. The Epson S1R72V17 USB OTG High Speed Controller is used in the PRS505.
  • An Epson display controller chip SED1356F0A was used in the REB 1200.

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