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GoodReader is an eBook reading application for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad


[edit] Overview

GoodReader is the super-robust PDF reader for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. With GoodReader on your iPad/iPhone, you can read virtually anything, anywhere: books, movies, maps, pictures. It can read large TXT files. Also handles all the Microsoft Office file types as supported by the Safari engine.

[edit] Features

  • Internal file manager
  • Can connect to any remote server, SMB, AFP, NAS, and an incredible large etc.
  • Synchronization across servers. It synchronizes the content with the notes, and not the reading position
  • Different ways of synchronization (bidirectional, from only, to only).
  • Annotate PDF. Most important for me is handwriting annotation.
  • Add/remove/extract parts of a PDF
  • Auto generation of a new copy PDF if you annotate it.
  • Can get a PDF from an URL, or navigate and automatically detect the PDF embedded in the page.
  • Read Microsoft Office documents, TXT and HTML
  • Extract the text of the PDF.
  • View pictures, listen to audio, watch video
  • Annotation format is the PDF standard one, can be viewed in any other viewer and continue annotations in other programs and read the annotations made from other programs.
  • PDF page preview (opens thumbnails of the open PDF).
  • Opens multiple PDFs at same time using tabs.
  • remote PDF page turn using Bluetooth devices.
  • TTS for PDF and TXT files.
  • supports iCloud, Dropbox

[edit] Advanced PDF reading & editing

Super-robust PDF reading engine that easily opens even the largest PDF files

  • Page cropping and double-page spreads
  • Insert, delete, rotate and rearrange pages, split and merge PDFs
  • Extract and email individual pages from a large PDF
  • Sign PDF documents.

[edit] iOS 11

The outdated GoodReader 3 apps were discontinued in 2014 and replaced with the modern GoodReader 4. If you’re still using one of the older 32-bit GoodReader 3 apps, they will not work in iOS 11 which only supports 64-bit apps.

If you’ve updated to iOS 11 and need to recover your files from GoodReader 3, you can copy them to your computer via USB. You can do this with our free GoodReaderUSB file transfer tool for your computer or you can use iTunes File Sharing, then transfer the files from your computer to GoodReader 4 using the same tool.

[edit] 5.0 Features

Note (*) marks features that are part of Pro Pack, requires an in-app purchase

  • completely new UI design: everything is better, faster, easier to find, more intuitive, with a modern new look
  • completely redesigned PDF viewer: much smoother scrolling, zooming, and page turning
  • PDF: continuous "pageless" scrolling mode
  • Split Screen (iPad only) to view two files or two different parts of the same file, side-by-side*
  • military-grade AES-256 encryption for files & folders*
    • add password protection (with strong AES-256 encryption) to PDF files*
    • upgrade weak encryption of old PDF files to AES-256*
    • create password-protected AES-256 encrypted ZIP archives*
  • Secure Photocopy, to completely eliminate all traces of invisible, hidden, or redacted information in a PDF file*
  • secure options for individual PDF pages: email, extract, or export as a separate password-protected file, as a secure photocopy, or both*
  • secure option to e-mail or export any file or folder as a password-protected ZIP*
  • easier closing of and switching between files: just swipe the left or right edge of the screen
  • access to OneDrive for Business
  • Switch Drives for SharePoint / OneDrive for Business / Office 365*
  • improved Apple Pencil support: start annotating immediately after touching the screen, use Apple Pencil 2's double-tap to switch tools
  • Trash for deleted files & folders
  • new API, now supporting 2-step authentication
  • support for Apple's "Open in Place": depending on the app sending a file to GoodReader, GoodReader may open the source file residing in that app rather than copying the file to GoodReader
  • "Convert to PDF" for pictures and TXT files, plus improved support for built-in iOS conversion for HTML, iWork, and MS Office files*
  • completely redesigned video player with new controls: chapters, frame-by-frame forwarding/rewinding, jumping by 30 seconds, saving a screenshot* as a separate file
  • completely redesigned graphics viewer: much smoother scrolling, zooming, and page turning; easier handling of multiple image tasks like emailing, printing, or PDF conversion
  • support for multi-page TIFF: view page-by-page, extract* individual pages
  • better support for animated GIF: view frame-by-frame, extract individual frames*, play the real-time animation
  • completely new Wi-Fi-transfer: much easier transfer of files via a web browser on a computer, with drag-and-drop
  • new file list mode: large icons, in addition to existing list and small icon modes
    • file list: multi-column list mode
    • file-list: auto-scrolling for extra-long file names that don't fit the screen
  • better drag-n-drop for files and folders: now with the option of copying or moving
  • completely new PDF Reflow: now with continuous "pageless" scrolling, with embedded preview thumbnails for each page
  • file list preview thumbnails now support more file types: TXT, HTML, iWork, MS Office
  • better PDF Annotations Summary: choose what types of annotations and what type of information to include in the summary*
  • TXT: pre-composed color schemes for Day and Night reading modes
  • new menu auto-hide options: hide all bars automatically, leave the status bar on, don't auto-hide bars
  • countless improvements to every aspect of the app, amounting to a much more efficient and enjoyable experience

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