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Google eBooks is a reading application and is available in the United States and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 3.0 or later. It is built into Chrome OS. The App is now called Google Play Books. Which runs on iOS and Android.


[edit] Features

It is a free download app which allows access to start reading over 3 million eBooks on the go.

  • Change font, search within book, information about book
  • Night-reading mode
  • Offline reading mode
  • Automatic page position syncing across devices

[edit] For more information

[edit] Publishing

Google Books can also publish eBooks available via Google eBooks publishers. This is really a way to promote your eBooks.

[edit] Tips

  • To find a PDF version: go to on a computer. Log in and it will show your books. Click the three dots on the bottom of the book and it will give an option to download PDF
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