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Hardware: K5 "guts"

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Index of the Hardware catagory threads, posts and off-site resources.

The Hardware specific knowledge in How To guides and other documentation is also part of this Hardware catagory.

All members are encouraged to make additions to this page, both to the index links and to the sections.

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[edit] Accelerometer

Accelerometer Manually loading K5 accelerometer driver.

[edit] Serial Interface

Location, attachment and usage

[edit] Serial port terminals

Includes attachment and setup of PuTTY under windows:
Serial Jailbreaking for Dummys Serial jailbreaking under Windows.

Attachment and setup of MiniCom under Linux:
Minicom Install and Setup of minicom under Linux.

[edit] Serial Port Jail Breaking

Includes attachment and setup of PuTTY under windows:
Serial Jailbreaking for Dummys Serial jailbreaking under Windows.

[edit] Serial Port

Friends do not allow friends to flash custom firmware without a serial port connection.
Kindle 1 Kindle 1 Serial Port Hack (Hak5 video) -
Kindle 3 Kindle 3 serial plug designs
Kindle 4 K4 serial port pinout
Kindle 5 K5 serial port pinout
Kindle Paperwhite Kindle Paperwhite serial port
Kindle Paperwhite 2 Kindle Paperwhite 2 serial port pinout (MicroFTX)
2014 Basic Kindle KT2 serial port pinout and access
Kindle DX Kindle DX serial console
1v8 Serial Kindle serial adapter level shifter circuit
MicroFTX USB to serial interface, can use 1.8V logic level if supplied with reference voltage e.g.from the PW1

[edit] Reading Light

Various DIY reading lights.

[edit] K3 Light

DIY Reading Light K3 reading light (thread)
DIY Lit Cover Kindle Keyboard lit cover (thread)

[edit] Teardowns

K2 Teardown Kindle 2 teardown -
K3 Teardown Kindle 3 teardown -
K3 Teardown Kindle 3 teardown (EEVblog video) -
DXG teardown DX Graphite teardown -
Kindle 4 Kindle 4 teardown
Kindle Touch Kindle Touch teardown -
Kindle Paperwhite Teardown by Powerbook Medic
Kindle Paperwhite Teardown by EEVblog

[edit] unorganized

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