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Kindle Paperwhite

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The PW2 is also known as the Paperwhite second generation.
Introduced with the 2013 models, it continued among the 2014 models unchanged.

Index of the PW2 category threads, posts and off-site resources.

The PW2 specific knowledge in How To guides and other documentation is also part of this PW2 category.

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[edit] Updates of 2013-PW2 to 2014-PW2

[edit] Firmware Version Specific

Version Considerations - For users with firmware versions earlier than 5.6.1

[edit] What To Do When You Get Your Paperwhite 2

[edit] First Steps

1) Do not log in to a wifi network.

If you already have, press Menu > Settings and turn Airplane Mode on immediately. If you don't do this, your kindle may update to 5.6.1 silently. Then (from settings) press Menu again and select "Device Info."
If your Firmware Version is 5.8.8, or something greater you will no longer be able to jailbreak your kindle without physical intervention.
2) Jailbreaking

If your Firmware Version is between 5.0.0 and, follow the directions in this thread.
If it is between 5.4.5 and 5.5.0, your job is a little harder; you'll have to download 5.4.3 from here or with this trick and then you'll have to downgrade. If your firmware is between and this JB can work for you!

2.5) For Serials of 9017

At this point, you will need to update to 5.4.5. You can grab the update file here; just put it in the root, eject your Kindle, navigate into Settings, and press Update Your Kindle.

3) Protecting Yourself From OTA Updates

a) Plug your Kindle into a computer, and create a folder in the root (the base level of the kindle in USB mode) with the name [userstore]/update.bin.tmp.partial/

b) Install KUAL, the Kindle Unified Application Launcher. This is necessary for most of what you can install with a jailbreak.

c) Once you have ensured KUAL is working correctly (if it isn't, try step 2.5), install Backdoorlock according to the "Installing using KUAL" section. Then, open KUAL, press Back Door Lock, and then press Lock the back door.

4) Preparing for the Future Install the latest hotfix attached here.[1]

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