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Kindle DX (White)

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The DX and DXG models have 9.7-inch eink displays.

Index of the DX(G) category threads, posts and off-site resources.

The DX(G) specific knowledge in How To guides and other documentation is also part of this DX(G) category.

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[edit] Teardowns

Teardown DX Graphite teardown - Techrepublic.com
Teardown DX Graphite teardown with parts id - RapidRepair.com

[edit] Serial Port

Kindle DX serial console (post)

[edit] unorganized

Feel free to fix up these entries, adding sections and sub-sections as required.

3.1 Firmware Unofficial 3.1 firmware upgrade for DX
3.1 -> 3.4.2 Update Kindle 2, DX, DXG from 3.2.1 to 3.4.2
How to set up different font sizes on Aa key? (on Fw3.x)
Change the font without hacking it - Booksprung.com
Transfer TOC of PDFs to Kindle Bookmarks
PDF reader for Kindle, based on muPDF, GPLv3
Librerator multi-format e-book reader, fork of KindlePDFViewer
Kindle DX Bluetooth hack - Griffin.net
Kindle DX Screen Saver Hack
More kindle hacks (to be indexed here)
Many more links here (to be indexed later)

K3 + DXG Un-demo information

[edit] Comprehensive List of Kindle Hacks/Modifications

original thread is here Comprehensive list of Kindle modifications
Here's the current list of tags for hacks that are installed on the Kindle:

[ NJ- No jailbreak needed to install or use these hacks.| UN - USB Networking is required to use these hacks. | LP- Requires Launchpad. ]

[edit] Screensaver, Font, and Layout Hacks

Snapshots of NiLuJe's hacks
Font and Screensaver Hacks The current jailbreak and USBNetworking hacks are also included here.
NJ Changing Fonts Without Hacks Only reader.pref needs to be edited.
NJ How to Change the Margins Only reader.pref needs to be edited.
NJ Allow Justification Changes Only reader.pref needs to be edited.
NJ, UN Change Screensaver Timeout
Readability Mod Changes "Article Mode" in the browser to make reading better and easier.
Stamping Screensavers How to add Amazon's "Slide and release the power switch to wake" message on custom screensavers.
Fonts For Body Text A small study on what fonts are best for reading devices.
Georgia2 A bolder version of the Georgia font, made specially for the Kindle.
LP Launchpad Prevent Screensaver Ini Disallows automatic activation of the screensaver.
UN Remove Ads on the KSO
LP Kaffiene A sleep management utility. Features include preventing standby/screensaver, locking the keyboard, and going to sleep/standby without changing the screen.
Enhanced fontfix for K3/K4

[edit] Reading Environments and Firmware

Installing Firmware 3.1 on a K2, K2i & DX
Update Kindle 2, DX, DXG from 3.2.1 to 3.4.2
NJ How to Install Debian on a Kindle
NJ Installing Debian with a Pre-built Image
FBreader and fbkindle Alternate book readers for Kindle. Both have epub support
NJ Duokan English Translation
NJ Duokan Lite An alternate Kindle OS. Supprts PDF, TXT, and EPUB.
Duokan FAQ
Frotz An interactive fiction reader for Kindle.
KIF Kindle Interactive Fiction, another interactive fiction reader.
LP CoolReader 3 on Kindle Supports fb2, txt, html, rtf, chm, epub, and mobi.
Mangle Manga viewer for Kindle

[edit] Music, Sound, and Audio Book Hacks

LP MPlayer An excellent audio player for Kindle. Supports OGG, WAV, MP3, FLAC, AAC, streaming and much more.
LP Music Shuffler For use with the built-in music player.
LP Dictaphone Mod A Launchpad command that lets you record audio with the microphone.
Audiobook Player An alternate audiobook player that allows bookmarks.
UN Kindle Voice Control Control the Kindle with voice commands. Still beta and not completely independent, needs a PC for voice recognition.
LP Kinamp An Mplayer-based audio player with an on-screen progress bar.

[edit] Keyboard and Button Hacks

Physkeyb A keyboard localization hack. Allows alternate keyboard layouts and symbol shortcuts. (It's recommended to get dsmid's version that includes a timeout.)
Launchpad An internal program launcher; required for some hacks.
Next/Previous Page Using Any Buttons

[edit] Web and Browser Hacks

Kindle HTTP Server
UN Mutt e-mail Client
UN Change Default Google and Wikipedia Searches
FreeDownload Hack Allows the browser to download any filetype, instead of only the default .mobi, .txt, .azw, and .prc filetypes.
NJ eMonitor - Kindle as an Additional PC Screen No Kindle hacks required. This only needs a PC to host the live content feed for the Kindle.
KindleVNC A Kindle VNC client. Supports passwords, mouse, and keyboard control.
Kindle VNC Viewer Another VNC client; supports passwords and keyboard control, does not support mouse control.
UN Use a Local Operator SIM in Kindle 3
WPA-EAP support

[edit] Development Tools

UN Merged Developer Keystore Very useful: contains all the keystores of current software developers. Install this, and you should be able to run all kindlets from this forum.
UN Merged Terminal/Launchpad/Web Server
UN Kindle Terminal App
UN Quick Kindle Root Shell via USB
UN KindleTERM An SSH Client Kindlet
UN Full Screen Native Kindle Terminal
UN Guide to SSH into the Kindle with USBNetworking
USBNetworking For those who know what they're doing.
How to Write Kindlets
UN Javascript Interpreter for Kindle
UN , LP Accessing the Kindle 3 Through WiFi
Kindle 3.1 Kernel Config File
Kindle 3 Serial Plug Design
fbout Debugging tool, pipe sdout to eink.
UN Bash for Kindle
Perl for Kindle
Tiny C for Kindle
fbprint Write text to the eink display at a position (good for feedback with launchpad commands).
mntusb A script to enable connecting multiple Kindles to a Linux PC, where they will all be usable at once.

[edit] Alternate Languages

Language Localization This one's complex; it's a good idea to read the whole thread
Keyboard Localization Also see physkeyb above.
NJ Chinese Duokan For Kindle 2 only.
UN Google Translate on eBook Search Menu

[edit] Miscellaneous

KUAL Kindle Unified Applications Launcher
Extensions for the KUAL and GUI-Launcher , forum
OptWare for Kindle
UN Disable Log Sending to Amazon
NJ How to put the Kindle 3 in Diagnostic Mode
NJ / UN K3 + DXG Un-demo information
UN Disable Indexing
NJ Kindle 3.1 FW on Kindle 2 Still under development, but worth a look.
KindleNote A free notepad application.
Memo Card based application to memorize things.
Updates Provider Hack Should not be used with older jailbreaks or NiLuJe's jailbreak.
UN Calculator App Scroll down for updated versions. Requires installing (included) developer keys.
NJ Add an Icon When Plugged In,
LP Launchpad Rotate Screen Ini Change screen orientation with a keyboard shortcut.
UN Stop the Kindle from Automatically Flashing the Screen
LP K3Chess Not really a hack, but cool nonetheless. Free, open-source chess for Kindle.
Developer key is deleted on every wifi connection of an unregistered Kindle
List of Kindlets
scroll the contents of cracked screen
Soln to bad waveform problem on Keyboard and Touch 3G

[edit] PC tools for eBook, Collection, Clippings and Manga

[edit] PDF

k2pdfopt optimizes PDF/DJVU files for mobile e-readers /forum
Papercrop PDF rebuilding utility
PdfMasher user driven PDF to HTML converter
briss PDF cropping tool /forum
PDF scissors PDF cropping tool
PDFhandy Free Online PDF Converters
JPEGtoPDF Convert image files into PDF files
cut2col for converting 2-column to 1-column pdf
online tools: online-convert , convertfiles
PDFaid PDF Tools Online

[edit] Web to Kindle

En2kindle Evernote or Pocket to Kindle
FabReadly ~ Send unread Feedly items into Kindle (not free)/forum
KindleEar the Calibre running on GAE, deliver RSS to your kindle automatically
Andrej Rakar's Send to Kindle tool
crofflr supports Pinboard, Pocket, one-time $5
Sindbad2Kindle Send to Kindle with KF8 Support, very useful for Right-To-Left languages.
Instapaper Save web pages for reading later
Wordcycler Two-way Instapaper sync
instapaper2kindle One-way Instapaper sync
Readability All browsers addon to send current page to your kindle
Tinderizer Sending articles to your Kindle device, one click at a time!
Readlists A group of web pages bundled into an e-book
Reddit Kindle Server Subscribe to online content via Calibre recipes ~readbeam
kindleyourday to receive a new wiki article every morning
kindlepedia create mobi from a wiki page
ereadups create a mobile reference library for your ereader
Send to Kindle Firefox/Safari/IE/Chrome extension Chrome extension
GrabMyBooks Firefox extension to extract from the web sites or from rss/atom feeds, then convert them in an ebook using Calibre
Webtoread.com Send online newspapers and magazines to your Kindle
NEWSTOEBOOKConvert any RSS/Atom news feed into e-book
SENDtoREADER Send AND edit web pages to your kindle. Chrome extension
Kindlefeeder Your favorite feeds delivered to your Kindle
kindle4rss : Kindle RSS Reader
ikindle.mobi : Kindle RSS Reader
mydogear : Kindle RSS Reader
Google Reader to Kindle
ToMyKindle Send web pages, text, rss, pictures as well as web pages daily updates to your kindle
PushToKindle Send a URL to an email address and have the webpage contents forwarded to your Kindle. First 25 free, then $0.02 each. Free browser bookmarklet.
BlogBooker Turn a wordpress, blogspot,livejournal blog into a downloadable PDF.
Ebook Glue Turn a blog into a downloadable ebook.
Blog2Ebook Convert and send a blog to a Kindle via its rss

[edit] Collection

Librarian & LibrarianSync CLI ebook manager & Kindle collections builder
Kindle Collection Manager
koll3ctions: Kindle Collection Manager for K2, K3 K4
Kranf Kindle Collection Manager for K2, K3 K4, DX
Automatic Kindle Collection Generator Uses structure of "Documents" folder
calibrekindlecollections Makes collections based on metadata from calibre.
Web-Based Kindle Collection Maker
calibre plugin Kindle Collections
kindlean: book and collection manager for Kindle for K3,K4,K5 ; works on Windows XP/Vista/7 - demo version
KDeasy Kindle Manager to manage your Kindle library, collections from PC, Mac

[edit] Clippings

clippings.io Export your Kindle highlights to Evernote, Word, Excel and PDF
Kindle Mate sync & manage your Kindle clippings and vocabulary on PC.
My Clippings A Windows app that access Kindle highlights and notes for personal documents (via USB).
Clipper Share Myclipping.txt online
Klippings works also for K5
DaleyKlippings This program was derived from Klippings, but adds a ton of features.
Clippings Parser An application for Windows that converts the clippings file into XML.
Clippings Organizer (Clippings Parser GUI) Same as above, but with a GUI to make things much easier.
Clipping Converter
Klippings Kollector not free
researchr using MyCLippings in an academic workflow with DokuWiki and BibDesk
Kuote.us to store and share your Clippings online
Kliplet Kindle Clipper bookmarklet to export clippings into Evernote
KindleEvernoteSync a python script to export clippings into Evernote (OSX only)
kindle.amazon.com Your highlights
Bookcision to export/download Kindle highlights from kindle.amazon.com
Kindle clippings extract A tool to extract your clippings from your Kindle to Excel.
Kindle Clippings to CSV Converter

[edit] Manga

KindleComicConverter Currently most comprehensive converter
Kindle Comic Creator Amazon's official tool
MangAI Not free after a 30-day trial
Manga to Kindle converter
Mangas batch compressing (Windows only)
Kmanga Service to subscribe to Mangas

[edit] EBook Editing Tools

Java Mobi Metadata Editor
KindleCover a python script to replaces the cover image and/or thumbnail image
Kindlestrip strips out the sources record from Kindle format ebooks
KindleGen+Kindle Previewer Amazon's tools to create/view mobi files
kindlegen GUI
Embedding fonts in AZW3/KF8
Sigil WYSIWYG editor for ePub's /forum
Calibre Free ebook and library manager for all e-readers. Also converts many, many file formats./forum
J. Kottnauer's Word add-on to convert Word documents and send to Kindle /forum
Transform_html Word macro to clean HTML code
LayoutPrep a custom Word macro that preps your OCR content for styles
BookCreator Tool Word template to optimize and simplify the book creation process. /wiki
Apprentice Alf Blog ("tools"): to deal with the DRM of the books.(no link here because of mobileread's rules.)
dualmetafix_mmapto fix Personal Documents for Vocabulary Builder

[edit] Miscellaneous

Calibre Free ebook and library manager for all e-readers. Also converts many, many file formats.
Kindle Book Browser A Chrome web app that makes it easier to look through the Kindle bookstore.
Bookmarklet to batch delete archived personal documents
Lemon Keep track of your chosen stories on FanFiction.Net or FictionPress.com /forum
joetasker's Kindle Sender similar to Amazon's Send to Kindle for PC' app'
calibre2opds generate OPDS and HTML catalogsof your library
Alissa's MobiHandler for Windows
en2ki: evernote to Kindle
bookmonkCreate Your Own Start Page
tuxmobil free readers, java ebook tools, conversion Software
find and remove duplicate ebook files
online games for Kindle
Kindle Index File Manager applet
Personal Kindle Library on Android device, also
HowTo: Use Kindle as secondary monitor
Convert video lecture + subtitle to images

[edit] Kindle Hacks Information

(modified version of Comprehensive List of Kindle Hacks/Modifications )
Kindle Hacks Information

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