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WAF app: Image Gallery

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WAF apps are also known as HTML/JavaScript apps, or pillow apps.

Index of the WAF catagory threads, posts and off-site resources.

The WAF specific knowledge in How To guides and other documentation is also part of this WAF catagory.

All members are encouraged to make additions to this page, both to the index links and to the sections.

Style guidelines are not cast in stone. Entry styling may be whatever is most appropriate.

Where possible, follow the style layout of:

short-title-clickable long-title (info tag) - off-site acknowledgement

A missing "off-site acknowledgement" field means the link is on MobileRead.
There may be zero or more "(info tag)" fields, whatever is appropriate.


[edit] Viewers

Komic Kindle comic reader (Previously known as Image Gallery viewer) (thread) (downloads)

[edit] unorganized

Feel free to fix up these entries, adding sections and sub-sections as required.

WAF Website thread
WAF Kalc for kindle touch
WAF on kindle - Google.com
Kindle WAF Guide (PDF download) - Googlecode.com
WaffleTodos - An app for the Kindle Touch - Fsck.com
WaffleTodos thread
WAFs: useful hints and problems
Tic Tac Toe for kindle touch
Kindle Touch Hacking Wiki (WAF section)
Threads tagged as WAF

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