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Index of the How To catagory threads, posts and off-site resources.

All members are encouraged to make additions to this page, both to the index links and to the sections.

Style guidelines are not cast in stone. Entry styling may be whatever is most appropriate.

Where possible, follow the style layout of:

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Asking questions How to Ask Good Questions -

[edit] De-Bricking

K4/K5 USB Debricking Noob Guide Small debricking guide for "noobs" (thread) (PDF download Mirror)
K3 USB Debricking Noob Guide qlob's noob guide to debricking Kindle 3 with ATK (Wiki)
Fastboot GUI Fastboot utility with GUI (thread)
Simple debricking method for K5(Touch) and K4(Mini), with K3 links

[edit] Development

Adding a Debian utility program example (thread)
Newbies Guide to Kindle Development (thread)
Newbies Guide to Kindle Development (wiki)
Kindlet Developer HowTo

[edit] Experimenting

boot kindle from kernel image on USB drive (thread)
LTspice custom components HowTo create custom LTspice components -
how to read touch gesture engine events (thread)

[edit] Modifying

DIY Light DIY K3 Reading light (thread)
Change the font without hacking it (Blog) -
K3 + DXG Un-demo information
New K3/K4 official fonts on K5

[edit] Other

PDF Guide PDF on Kindle 3 - An Unofficial Guide for Joe Average (thread)

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