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iPublishCentral is a publisher with custom DRM. They cater to business and education companies wanting a closed system. They have readers for major OS and mobile apps which can read their formats as well as ePub and PDF.


[edit] Overview

They call themselves a publisher for read and learn products. Their web site is: https://www.ipublishcentral.com/ and their current product is version 7.0. They have offices in the USA and India. They also have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ipublishcentral.impelsys

[edit] Products

  • eBook - A publishing tool eBook delivery platform that is quick-to-build, adaptable to support multiple business models and provides rich data analytics that lends valuable insights into consumer reading and learning patterns.
  • Enhanced - Conceptualized to deliver complex, meaningful, enriched content furbished with faceted browsing, semantic search, augmented table of content and more to enhance the overall reading experience. Basically this means media content.
  • Learn - A robust online learning platform that facilitates dissemination of complex educational content supported by rich data analytics, real-time feedback increasing the effectiveness of learning modules.
  • Reader - A free reader for viewing content.

[edit] 7.0 features

  • VIDEO DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM - Publishers can now distribute videos to the user through the platform. Videos can be viewed online through any modern browser or downloaded for offline viewing through dedicated applications on Windows, Mac OS X, native Android and iOS devices.
  • ACCESSIBILITY COMPLIANCE - WCAG 2.0 A and AA standard guidelines have been implemented on end user portal with this update. Users with impairments will be able to access and navigate through the portal with greater ease now, leading to an enhanced user experience.
  • SUPPORT FOR GEO-BASED PRICING - Give your users the freedom to pay for titles in their local currencies. Publishers on retail business model will now be able to price titles in local currencies based on regions from which their users access the end user portal.
  • SUPORT FOR RTL LANGUAGES (RIGHT-TO-LEFT) ON ONLINE READER - The online EPUB reader will now support titles with content in RTL languages. The navigation and user experience will match the expectations of a native right-to-left language reader. This feature will address one of the predominant challenges faced by publisher from Middle East.
  • SCORM COMPLIANT READER - Publishers who use SCORM content, apart from eBooks, can now distribute the same through iPublishCentral portal. The latest update provides users the capability to read publishers’ SCORM compliant (1.2 or 2004) content either online or offline.
  • OFFLINE READER FOR CHROMEBOOKS - Title in PDF and EPUB2 format can now be downloaded and read offline on devices running on Chrome OS through the iPublishCentral Chromebook reader application. Schools, across United States, have now become one of the largest categories of customers for Chromebooks and publishers catering to this market can now use iPublishCentral to deliver their content.
  • NOW READ ENHANCED BOOKS ON ONLINE READER AND ANDROID APPLICATIONS - This new feature provides users the capability to read an enhanced title online using any modern browser and offline on their native Android devices through an application. Now publishers can provide a superior reading experience to their readers through rich media infusion.

[edit] Reader

Reader can be downloaded for free to enjoy reading on your iOS and Android devices – anywhere, anytime! Browse our huge collection of eBooks with over thousands of bestselling titles from leading publishers and enjoy reading right away! Making it easier to download and read books, the App supports PDF, ePub 2 & ePub 3 formats without DRM. It also offers unique features like: Enhanced eBooks, Personalized Learning Plans etc. for supported suppliers.

[edit] Features

  • EASY NAVIGATION - The Reader offers easy navigation for convenient and enhanced reading experience. You can easily navigate anywhere within an eBook. Flipping the pages by simply tapping on the slider, or just moving the page upwards and downwards makes reading more delightful.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS - You can customize the look and feel of your reading experience! You can change settings like- Brightness, Fonts, Page Layout, Navigation, Themes, Margin etc. to best suit your preferences. You can choose to lock or unlock the orientation of a page. In addition you can also change the position of the toolbar.
    • The app can be set to scroll mode or swipe mode.
  • QUICK SEARCH - You can quickly search any desired content within the eBook by typing in your search terms in the Search tab.
  • ADDING NOTES/ HIGHLIGHTS - You can add notes and highlights while reading and access these instantly from the Notebook icon.
  • CUSTOM SHELF CREATION - The iPublishCentral Reader enables you can now create personalized shelves and filter titles based on these shelves.
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