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Lektz eBook reader support ePub 2 and ePub 3. Description from their web site.


[edit] Overview

Lektz eBook readers currently are available for Android, iOS and web/browser, which support PDF, ePUB2 and ePUB3 format of eBooks. With Lektz readers, you can access and play audio, video, interactivities and animations enabled eBooks. It also supports the ebooks of right to left (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.,) and vertical (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.,) languages.

[edit] Features

  • Night mode - For low light areas use night mode for comfortable reading
  • Brightness - Change the brightness of your display by using the settings available in Lektz
  • Navigation - For better navigation use TOC available in Lektz. You can also get back to the page where you've stopped reading.
  • Bookmark - Have a track on all your favorite/preferred pages using the option Bookmark.
  • Search - Search a word in the eBooks using the search icon available in Lektz reader view.
  • Look up - Use the look up option to find the word in dictionary, Google or Wikipedia.
  • Customize - Personalize Lektz reader experience with your color preference and font styling. Change font size, type, color and reader background color to get appealing reading interface.

[edit] Platforms

Platforms include: iOS, Android, Chrome browser

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