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This reference page lists the fonts which generally come with ebook reading devices which can be evoked by the css in an epub file. See also: Embedding Fonts in Epub Files


[edit] Ipad/ios

iPhone & iPad fonts which includes (in alphabetical order): Academy Engraved LET, Al Nile, American Typewriter, Apple Color Emoji, Apple SD Gothic Neo, Arial, Arial Hebrew, Arial Rounded MT Bold, Avenir, Avenir Next, Avenir Next Condensed, Bangla Sangam MN, Baskerville, Bodoni Ornaments, Bodoni 72, Bodoni 72 Oldstyle, Bodoni 72 Smallcaps, Bradley Hand, Chalkboard SE, Chalkduster, Cochin, Copperplate, Courier, Courier New, DB LCD Temp, DIN Alternate, DIN Condensed, Damascus, Devanagari Sangam MN, Didot, Diwan Mishafi, Euphemia UCAS, Farah, Futura, Geeza Pro, Georgia, Gill Sans, Gujarati Sangam MN, Gurmukhi MN, Heiti SC, Heiti TC, Helvetica, Helvetica Neue, Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN, Hiragino Mincho ProN, Hiragino Sans, Hoefler Text, Iowan Old Style, Kailasa, Kannada Sangam MN, KhmerSangamMN, Kohinoor Bangla, KohinoorDevanagari, Kohinor Telugu, LaoSangamMN, Malayalam Sangam MN, Marion, Marker Felt, Menlo, Noteworthy, Optima, Oriya Sangam MN, Palatino, Papyrus, Party LET, PingFang HK, PingFang SC, PingFang TC, San Francisco, Savoye Let, Sinhala Sangam MN, Snell Roundhand, Superclarendon, Symbol, Tamil Sangam MN, Telugu Sangam MN, Thonburi, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, Verdana, Zapf Dingbats, Zapfino

[edit] iBooks

Font Style
Baskerville Serif
Cochin Serif
Palatino Serif
Times New Roman Serif
Verdana Sans Serif

[edit] Kindle Paperwhite

Font Style
Baskerville Serif
Caecilia Serif
Caecilia Condensed Serif
Courier Monospace
Futura Sans Serif
Helvetica Sans Serif
Palatino Serif

[edit] KindleFire

Font Style
Arial Sans Serif
Caecilia Serif
Courier Serif
Georgia Serif
Lucida Sans Serif
Times New Roman Serif
Trebuchet Sans Serif
Verdana Sans Serif

[edit] Dedicated Ebook Devices (and E-ink)

Font Choices for ebook devices

[edit] Android Devices

There are only three system wide fonts in Android; normal (Droid Sans), serif (Droid Serif), and monospace (Droid Sans Mono).

Applications can install fonts for themselves, but not for system-wide use.

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