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MID is an acronym for Mobile Internet Device. If you were looking for the MID file extension check MIDI.


[edit] Overview

What's the difference between a MID (also called a Web Tablet) and a UMPC? Per Dan Monahan, Intel's Global Internet Segment Manager of Ultra Mobility:

UMPC Ultra Mobile Personal Computer MID
Business-class device for enterprise users Consumer-class lifestyle device
Runs a "heavy" OS like Vista Runs a 'lightweight" OS with quick startup like Linux or Windows mobile.
Optimized for office-use applications like Excel, Word, etc. Optimized for things like media playback and web surfing
Use Intel Core chips Many use the Intel Atom chip

In 2009 (or so) Moorestown-based devices will be classed as MIDs only. 2009 Devices have targeted the MID devices as having a screen size somewhere in the 4" range (3.9" to 4.9"). In between Smartphones and Netbooks. The real difference in 2020 is support for a touchpad or mouse as Apple adds this support to their iPads.

See also: Web Tablets

[edit] ULCPC

Added for completeness. Note: not per Dan Monahan. These would all be MID devices in his definition but not in the evolving 2009 definition which often refers to them as Netbooks.

  • A Sub-notebook (ULCPC) attempts to deliver the promise that laptops have mostly abandoned.
  • a real portable computer that can be used on the road for extended periods
  • small enough to not weigh you down carrying it.
  • Low cost
  • standard laptop like features like a physical keyboard.
  • Supports a mouse and includes a touchpad.
  • Typically runs XP or Linux

[edit] Devices

[edit] Lenovo


[edit] Albatron

"T " mini tablet PC

[edit] Samsung

Samsung introduces Mondi, the first WiMax 'Mobile Internet Device' 2Q 2009

[edit] SmartQ

http://en.smartdevices.com.cn/ has MID devices with 5 and 7" screens.

Here is a MobileRead review of the 7

[edit] Viliv

Viliv X70 Atom - 7" device with 1024 x 600 resolution, running Windows.

They also have a 4.8" device running Windows and available with 1024x600 and/or 800x480

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