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Martview is a Windows based program that can read PDF and Proprietary Mart files.

[edit] The reader

The reader is a free download from the web site. It is primarily an image viewer but can also read PDF. It features a slide and zoom mode to move around from page to page and within a page. It can also read in flip mode where is simulates page flipping. It is supported on touch screen devices running Windows. It also can display thumbnails of pages which you can use to jump around in a book. It is required to read the books posted on the site. A MacOS X version is planned.

[edit] MART

Mart is the proprietary format for eBooks available from Martview. It is basically a container for images. There are converters built into the reader to be able to convert PDF, GIF, JPG, PNG, RAR and ZIP files to the MART format. Note that the RAR and ZIP files must contain images in the style of CBR/CBZ files.

[edit] The book store

This consists of eBooks uploaded in the MART format or PDF format by users and publishers. It can be reached at: which features many magazines are other image intensive books. These can be quite large to download. The Reader is required to perform the download. Books are available in several languages but a particular book is often only available in one language.

There is a large collection of comic books and Manga as well as adult books and books on a wide variety of topics. There seems to be little filtering of user uploaded files.

Many of these eBooks may be copyrighted. Be aware of copyright laws where you live.

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