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In the Netherlands the publisher PCM Uitgevers launched an 'ePaper' version of their national newspaper title NRC Handelsblad on the 6 March 2008. Initially the ePaper was available only for the iLiad eReader of iRex and delivered via the iRex Delivery Service. As of 20 October 2009 the ePaper is also available for download. All formats are DRM free.

NRC Handelsblad provides a dedicated website for registered users of this service, but the issues that need to be addressed to make this service work are not centrally collected. Initially this was attempted in a Dutch Wikipedia-entry but the moderators judged that tips for readers, lists of problems, and suggestions for solutions do not fit into an encyclopedia. MobiRead is more fit for such an attempt.

Links to webpages with user experiences are collected below. Some are in English.

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