Nook GlowLight 3

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Nook GlowLight 3

Nook GlowLight 3


  • Price: $119.99
  • Read comfortably at any time of day
    • Soft touch finish makes it easy to grip and comfortable to hold for hours at a time.
  • Seamless day-to-night reading with Night Mode
    • Now Featuring Night Mode - Night Mode allows you to easily shift to a warmer light for comfortable bedtime reading.
    • Featuring GlowLight Illumination - It’s powerful enough to read in bed or in the bright light of the sun. NOOK’s most advanced Ambient (Always-On) GlowLight technology lets you enjoy an evenly dispersed light.
    • Nightmode eliminates Blue-light exposure
  • Effortless Navigation - Page-turning buttons give you easier access to the books you love. Jump to the next chapter with a few clicks or fast-flip through multiple pages by holding down on buttons.
  • Free NOOK issues of select magazines
  • The free NOOK Reading App™ for iPhone, iPad and Android devices makes it easy to pick up right where you left off. Start a book on your NOOK and continue reading on your smartphone or tablet.
Nook GlowLight 3 night time mode


  • Screen: 6" 300-dpi screen with built-in glare- scratch- and fingerprint-resistant lens provides a paper-like reading experience.
    • Resolution: 1072 x 1448 pixels
  • Dimensions: 6.93" x 5" x .38"
  • Battery Life: Read for up to 50 days on a single charge.
  • Buttons: Physical page turning buttons help you navigate the way you like it.
  • Device Storage: Holds thousands of books (8GB memory: 2.5GB for NOOK Store content and side-loaded content).
  • Cloud Storage: All of your purchased eBooks are stored free in the NOOK Cloud.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi®: Wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n). Free Wi-Fi in all Barnes & Noble stores and at 30,000 AT&T® hotspots nationwide.
  • Connectors: Micro-USB connector charges your battery and connects to your computer.
  • Suggested File Types:
  • Warranty & Service: One year limited warranty included.
  • In the Box
    • NOOK GlowLight 3
    • Micro-USB Cable
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Rechargeable Battery (installed)
    • Built-in anti-glare screen protector


Replaces the Nook GlowLight Plus and earlier Nook GlowLight, however unlike the Plus this model is not waterproof.

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