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Obreey Products is the developer of PocketBook products.

[edit] Overview

from the web site:

Obreey Products is one of the most prestigious and unique IT Product companies in Ukraine and CIS specialized in delivering new products and managing them throughout their entire lifecycle, starting with product concept/design and ending in the software and hardware involved. Consequently, the consumer gets a quality product that is affordable, modern and up-to-date for everyday use.

Obreey Products is the sole developer of PocketBook eReaders and Android tablets lines, with several applications published on Google’s Play Market. They have also published a PocketBook reader for iOS.

The company was established in 2011, main office located in Kiev.

[edit] Products

  • The primary products are PocketBook eBook readers. They also make Apps for Tablets.
  • Other notable products include:
    • eBookIt and Bookland which are publishing tool and web site for publishers
    • SurfPad - a Tablet available in 7.8" and 10.1" models
    • Obreey Diary - for students
    • ReadRate - a social product for eBook readers
    • KidRead - a product for parents to help their children read better. This is an Android app and a Kidread web site that permits a parent to control the content and receive reports on the child's usage.
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