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Overdrive (http://overdrive.com/) is a global distributor of eBooks for Schools, Libraries, etc. The also distribute audio books and videos.


[edit] Overview

Overdrive distributes ebooks and other electronic media to libraries. Users can search the Overdrive web site for all libraries subscribing to their service. Overdrive also manages DRM for electronic media in libraries as well as for other customers. In addition to libraries, Overdrive provides these services for publishers, retailers, corporations, and schools.

They also have several other related products including:

  • Overdrive Media Console - an interface for library eBooks and other media. A free download.
  • Overdrive Read - can use any modern Web Browser to read library books. It can stay in sync between devices.
  • Readerworks - an authoring tool that can convert to Microsoft LIT format. The standard model is a free download. (no longer available)
  • Bookworks - A publishing tool for publishers and corporations.
  • Overdrive will often have a specific app that can be used to read library checkouts on most Web Tablets however, for eBooks any reader that supports Adobe or Kindle DRM should work.

[edit] DRM

They support Adobe DRM for ePUB and PDF as well as MOBI DRM for Mobipocket eBooks. Note that all US libraries and likely some others have switched from MOBI to Kindle formats and Kindle DRM. They also support DRM for Microsoft WMA audio files.

[edit] Formats

  • An eBook is the digital, onscreen version of a published physical book. The format of the title is text-based, and some eBooks are interactive, with sound and hyperlinks. eBooks from OverDrive can be transferred to a variety of portable devices, such as PDAs, Pocket PCs, and Smartphones (depending on publisher permissions and device specifications). Formats include: ePUB, PDF, MOBI/PRC and LIT.
  • For ePUB and PDF they use Adobe DRM with a time limited license. Thus any eBook Reader with ADE support and clock support can be used to checkout eBooks for free. See eBook Lending Libraries for more information and lists of libraries that support this feature.
  • An OverDrive Audiobook is the digital version of a book on tape or book on CD. Patrons may listen to a spoken word audiobooks on their computers or transfer to a variety of portable devices, including the iPod®. Many audiobooks can also be burned to CD. OverDrive Audiobooks are specifically engineered to provide the best audiobook listening experience. Formats include WMA and MP3. MP3 players supporting Overdrive DRM include:
  • OverDrive Download Video is video that has been optimized for download and can be watched on a computer or transferred to a compatible mobile device. Formats include WMV from Microsoft.
  • OverDrive Music titles usually consist of an entire album, and many music titles include a supplementary PDF with liner notes or the libretto. Formats include WMA.

[edit] Apps

Overdrive can be used as a checkout mechanism with many different apps. However, Overdrive does also make its own app that can be downloaded for free. There are apps available for iPhone®, iPad®, Android, Chromebook, Windows Phone, Windows 8 & 10, Kindle Fire HD.

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