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This page has a collection of user submitted devices that are PDAs but are known to work well as eBook readers. See also Smartphones for devices that are not only PDA's but cell phones also.


[edit] PalmOS PDAs

  • Palm TX: 320x480 touch screen, color, backlit to read in the dark, adjustable brightness, instant pageflip, bookmark, autoscroll, and the general benefits of PDA's over the e-ink devices: Wi-Fi, music, sketchbook, Word, Excell, TomTom, video and games.

[edit] PocketPC

The Compaq iPAQ ran PocketPC 2002 on a Model 3975. It had a 3.9" screen with 320 x 240 resolution. It also had Bluetooth support. It had a compactflash memory and i/o slot.

[edit] Windows Mobile

  • Dell Axim X51v PDA: 624 MHz Processor, 256MB ROM / 64MB SDRAM, 3.7 inches 480*640 VGA TFT Color LCD, BlueTooth / WiFi 802.11b / Infrared
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 / hx4705 : 4 inches VGA LCD
  • Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX (series)

[edit] Android

These days many Android user will buy an unlocked phone just to use it as a PDA. Wi-Fi provides Internet access and all of the apps available fills in the rest. They can also make good reading and music platforms.

[edit] Apple

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