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Portable Apps is a web site containing free software to build apps for Windows in a portable way. It also have lists of portable software available for free download.

[edit] Overview

The idea of portable apps is to be able to store an application on a USB drive or memory card along with whatever data you need and be able to plug the USB device into any Windows machine and be able to view the data. For eBooks this adds the ability to store your reading application along with the eBooks so you can easily read them anywhere there is a computer available.

There is also a Portable Apps tool that manages the applications present on a USB drive. It provides a menu to launch apps and can also be used to ensure safe removal of the device. It can manage any portable application, not just those built specifically for Portable Apps.

[edit] Reading Applications

[edit] Making non-portable apps portable

JauntePE represents a collection of tools that helps you to make non-portable applications portable by virtualizing access to the filesystem and registry. Download - freeware.

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