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Portable in this context means that the application can be installed on a memory card or USB memory containing a file system and moved from device to device. There is no dependency on items stored on the host computer. There are no register entries required and it can run without needing any modifications to the host environment.

Portable programs are usually Windows based but there can be portable programs for Linux as well. Actually many applications for Linux are portable automatically without doing anything special.


[edit] Portable Apps

See Portable Apps for a way to create or find portable programs.

[edit] Portable Programs

Portable Apps contains a list of lots of programs which are free but some commercial programs also offer portable versions of their apps and some free programs have portable versions but do not follow the portable apps format.

[edit] Windows

Some of these portable programs include:

[edit] U3

U3 was a joint venture between SanDisk and M-Systems, producing a proprietary method of launching Windows applications from special USB flash drives. Flash drives adhering to the U3 specification are termed "U3 smart drives". For more information see:

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