REB 1100

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REB 1100

REB 1100

  • Made by: Gemstar
  • Released: 2001
  • Predecessor: Rocket eBook
  • Languages Supported: English
  • File Types Supported: RB


Under Gemstar, the REB 1100 (or the GEB 1100) was introduced as manufactured by RCA. This eBook, based on the Rocket eBook by NuvoMedia, is capable of displaying images, but the screen is only black-and-white (not gray scale). The screen is 106 dpi or 480 x 320 pixels on a 4.5 x 3 inch touch screen. It has support for Allegra, an input method similar to Palm’s Graffiti, that allows you to enter text by writing characters onto the screen. If you don’t want to learn it, you can simply use an on-screen keyboard, and if you don’t want to use the stylus, the touch screen also reacts to your fingers, albeit a bit sluggishly.

The REB 1100 connects to a computer via a USB connection to download eBooks.

The power supply accepts international voltages and detaches for easier transport. The backlight means you can read at night without disturbing your companions. Electronic features like find, lookup, and hyperlinks introduce the convenience and power of computers. People who have problems with their eyesight will find the customizable fonts to be a life-saver. Just switch to the built-in large font or upload an even larger font (TTF). By default, the eBook comes with Verdana 10 and 14, and you can upload fonts up to 28 point


RCA REB 1100 eBook Reader Specifications:

  • Weight: 17 ounces
  • 8MB built in flash memory (enough for about 20 books) upgradeable with SmartMedia™ cards (8MB - 72MB) so it can hold several hundred books
  • Battery: rechargeable Lithium-Ion internal batteries capable of 15 hours with the back-light on and 35 hours with the back-light off
  • Back lit (4.75" x 3") Monochrome STN 5.5" diagonal LCD Touch screen
  • Communications: internal V.34+, 33.6K modem, USB port for PC connection
  • Adjustable text size: large or small
  • Variable orientation- can rotate 90, 180, 270 degrees
  • Set bookmarks and search keywords
  • Add notes via handwriting recognition or tap the on-screen keyboard
  • Reader has a rugged, rubberized style material
  • Packaged with: Stylus, Carrying Case, Charger, USB Cable (mini USB type B 4 pin), Telephone Cable, CD-ROM with ebook Librarian setup software and the original users manual


The Rocket eBook was originally produced by NuvoMedia, Inc. The product was purchased by Gemstar LTD in the year 2000 and was then re-manufactured by RCA as the REB 1100 (Original List Price: US$299). They are no longer being manufactured.

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