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This is a Rockchip design that features a PMP (Media player) capability with hardware assisted Wi-Fi. It can run at 400 to 560 MHz. Its drivers seem to be for TFT color screens and some form of EPD. It is commonly used on inexpensive eBook Readers. Its preliminary specifications compared to the RK2808 include:

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[edit] Features

These are from the preliminary specification and the current version may be better.

  • Dual Core ARM926EJC + DSP, boots ARM and then DSP.
  • common addressing for Dual Cores. Shared memory communication and interactive interrupts.
  • three on-chip PLL's for clocking, ARM subsystem, DSP subsystem and other hardware.
  • supports power saving: Normal, slow, deep slow, idle.
  • supports standard SDRAM from 16MB to 128MB devices.
  • NAND flash support for internal DMA transfer from flash.
  • SD/MMC controller with DMA or interrupt driven interface.
  • Video LCD interface DMA, scaling from 1280 x 720 or lower or no-scale, resolution 480x272
  • Can also support EPD display.
  • 2 DMA controllers
  • 2 Interrupt controls
  • USB 2.0 built in OTG can support up to 6 devices in host mode.
  • Several built in UARTs. UART0 is capable of up to 1.5 Mbps, UART1 is iRDA, 2 channel audio, and 2 I2C controllers.
  • PWM support
  • 96 individual General purpose I/O pins.

[edit] Block Diagram


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