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A portable multimedia player (PMP), sometimes referred to as a portable video player (PVP), is a consumer electronics device that is capable of storing and playing digital media. Digital audio players (DAP) that can also display images and play videos are PMPs. Like DAPs, the data is typically stored on a hard drive, microdrive, or flash memory. Other types of electronic devices like cellphones are sometimes referred as PMPs due to their playback capabilities.

Often these devices can be used as eBook Readers as well. Some even include PDF readers and others can be modified with the addition of Reader software or eBooks can be converted to images and displayed on the screen.

[edit] Products

Apple iPod and iPhone/iTouch for small screen versions.

Archos makes several products in this category. Both generation 4 and generation 5 products can have PDF readers and both also have browsers that can read HTML content. See Archos Mobile DVR for an example.

Coby Electronics has screens up to 7" like the TF-DVD7051 and the PMP7040.

Sony PSP can also be used as a PMP device.

Zune is a small screen PMP from Microsoft and a larger Zune HD

Samsung makes several media players capable of displaying TXT files, especially the YP-P2, which has a 3" screen.

Sansa Clip is a small PMP from SanDisk. Both the Clip+ and the Clip Zip are available. The Sansa Fuze+MP3 has audio and video capability.

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