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WordSearch Bible has support for Covers and other book images.


[edit] Covers

WordSearch Bible version 11 have support for graphic image covers on the Library screen. The view can be toggled between covers with titles and just a list of titles. Either one can be clicked to open the book. Right clicking can be used to update the book or look at the properties (metadata).

[edit] Cover location

Some of the covers make seem a little dark or may be missing even though the book shows it when it is opened. It can be useful to add a new cover or to fix the one that is there. Here is how to find them:

  1. The first step is to find out where your library is stored. Select Settings from the Options menu and look at the "Startup and Paths" page. On mine this is listed as: D:\Program Files\CROSS Shared\Library\.
  2. Open file explorer and select this folder. Inside the Library folder is another folder called "Thumbnails". This folder contains all of the volume cover images that WordSearch knows about, even those that you have not purchased yet. This are generally 100 x 150 pixel images in JPG format. They seem to have a cryptic title but here is how to decode them:
    1. For the book you are interested in you can select the properties view and you will find a Book ID listed. For the KJV of the Bible this will be 0:1.
    2. As a colon is an illegal character in a file system the file name will be changed to 0-1.jpg.
  3. Now that you know the file name you can edit the file and change it however you wish. Note that there is no way to recover the original file except by reloading the entire software if you change it.

The first number is the publisher number and the number after the colon is a unique number to identify the book. Zero represents WordSearch so all of the images should be present. Some of the other publishers may or may not have supplied a cover. In the absence of a supplied cover image the default image may be shown. Eight is the publisher number for Doxa. I have some Doxa eBooks without a cover image even though there is one for the book. I simply copied the Doxa cover image from the book folder to the Thumbnails folder matching the book ID name to add it to my list of cover images. (On some you might need to re-save it at a JPG file in the Thumbnail folder.)

[edit] Sets Cover

If a set does not have a separate cover it will use the first one it finds in the Thumbnail folder that matches the book. However, it can have a unique cover simply by have a JPG image in the "Sets" folder with the same name as the at the Set name. See WordSearch Bible Sets for more details. You may want to copy a file from the book volume as a starting point for your set image.

[edit] Book images

Many books in your collection have image figures inside the book itself. In addition there a whole atlases and maps contained in your collections. These are unencrypted image files in either PNG or JPG format and stored in the folder containing the book. In the lower right corner of the image you might see a magnifying glass. This is an indication that a larger version of the image exists. Clicking the image will add a tab at the bottom of the screen with the word "Image" on it, or perhaps the title of the image. Unfortunately the software does not automatically switch to this image. You will need to select it manually.

  • If you have multiple windows on the screen the image will show in a new window with scroll bars after you select it from the tabs.
  • It is best to tap the full screen icon to see the image.
  • Hit the X to kill the image screen when you are finished with it.
  • A right click on the image will show a menu and you could save the image separately if you wish.
  • All images will have the same name (Image) on the bar at the bottom of the screen, unless they have be given a specific title. Right click also offers the property menu choice which can be used to find out some more about the image.
  • Some images have a second large image even though they don't show the magnifying glass. It you think there might be a bigger image click on the image anyway to find out.

Even the original image may be too big for the window you are reading in the window and will show scroll bars to look at the rest of the image. Using full screen display is likely the best alternative but scrolling is certainly ok. Clicking an image in full screen mode will open the image showing the bar it will not display until you click the image name on the bar.

[edit] PDF

Version 11 and to some extent version 10 supports PDF documents. They work with Adobe Reader but the documents will appear inside the window panes of WordSearch Bible. The "My Documents" selection from the Library panel and its alternate presentation on the resource panel can now contain PDF as well as HTML documents. (The "My Documents" files are stored in your documents folder in the WordSearch subfolder and in the CROSS Shared folder in a "My Documents" subfolder).

In addition many of the Rose Publishing Documents have WordSearch Bible versions for the PC and Mac. Rose Publishing does mostly pamphlets and books that are collections of pamphlets as well as maps and charts. They contain a lot of graphs, tables, charts, and drawings and are often mixed on the same page. These are among the toughest books to make reflowable inside a WordSearch window panel. Although they work very well for the most part, nearly all of the Rose publication books you purchase also include a PDF version. This can normally be reached by going to the end of the book and finding the link. The PDF itself is stored in the folder with the book.

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