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A Tablet is often a multipurpose computer that has a touch screen and a full OS. In this wiki there are articles on:

  • Web Tablet - Portable devices with limited expansion and small size. Normally Slate devices. These are often simply called Tablets.
  • MID - Mobile Internet Device is another name for Web Tablets.
  • Tablet PCs - Full function PCs with Windows OS and usually a keyboard as well as a touch screen. See also Surface RT: Windows 8 tablet from Microsoft.
  • 2-in-1 laptop and tablet in one unit. The tablet portion can be removed and used separately.
  • UMPCs - Ultra Mobile PCs are often smaller than either of the above.
  • Earl - A Tablet like no other. (Failed crowd supported product)
  • Paperless scratch pad called Boogie board. An LCD tablet that serves as a scratch pad. Several models available.
  • Noteslate is similar to the Boogie board except that it uses a E Ink screen.
  • Phablet - a smaller tablet that includes a smartphone.
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