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Hanlin offers many eBook formats on their V3 and V5 products. However not all of the format choices support all of the features of the product. This page is intended to help highlight these features and potential problems based on the eBook feature. At some point this will be reduced to a table. Hanlin claims to support these formats: PDF, TXT, RTF, EPUB, PDB, LIT, PPT, WOLF, DOC, CHM, FB2, HTML, DJVU, MP3, TIFF, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, RAR, ZIP, MOBI.

Note that firmware changes will effect this entry so please refer to the latest firmware updates from Hanlin for changes. The data in this list is preliminary and not verified as yet.


[edit] The Matrix

  • Yes, supported by Hanlin
  • No, not supported but available in the format.
  • N.A. The format does not support this feature.
eBook Formats
internal Font sizes
Format Images TTS Links TOC Portrait Landscape Search
MOBI Yes No Yes Yes 3 0 No
PDF Yes Yes Yes Yes 5 5 Yes
EPUB Yes Yes Yes Yes 5 5 Yes
TXT N.A. yes N.A. N.A. 2 1 No
PDB N.A. Yes N.A. No 2 1 No
FB2 Yes No ? Yes 5 5 No
HTML No Yes No N.A. 2 1 No
RTF ? ? ? N.A. 1 1 No
LIT Yes ? No No 2 1 No
PPT Yes N.A. N.A No 1 1 N.A.
WOLF Yes N.A. No Yes 1 1 No
DOC Yes No ? Yes 2 1 No
CHM ? Yes ? ? 2 1 No
DJVU Yes N.A. No No 2 1 No

Additional formats

Format Type Notes
MP3 music background
TIFF image can have text overlays
JPG image up to 4 Megapixels
GIF image
BMP image Windows format
PNG image
DJVU image treated like an eBook
RAR container can contain any supported objects except music
ZIP container can contain any supported objects except music

[edit] Fonts

Generally Hanlin V3 supplies one font, Ibookn, for system fonts while the V5 has 8. The system font is also used, by default, in most eBook formats. The default eBook font format can be changed as a system wide selection if you download your own TTF fonts. There are exceptions as noted below.

[edit] Formats

Special Notes for some formats. Note TTS is not supported on all firmware releases.

[edit] MOBI

MOBI also refers to PRC which is the same format. Later models have dropped this format.

  • a. The default mobi font is Times. You can change the font from inside the eBook using menu choices. By default you can change between Times, Ibookn, and Arial. You can also install your own fonts to use which be be remembered only for this format.
  • b. There are 3 different font sizes selected by the zoom key.
  • c. Only portrait mode is supported.
  • d. Does not support TTS.
  • e. Does not support search.
  • f. Current firmware does not support DRM. Older firmware for the V3 does support MOBI DRM.
  • g. Supports internal page hyperlinks.

See Mobi Comparison to compare this mobi capability with other versions.

[edit] ePUB

ePUB is supported by ADE. Earlier versions had ePUB support via native Hanlin firmware.

  • a. You cannot change the font.
  • b. 5 levels of zoom. The zoom levels were improved with the firmware update, but the 100% and 200% levels are really too small to read if your Epub file was set up with a page size that mimics a hardback book.
  • c. Supports TTS
  • d. Supports search feature

[edit] PDF

The V5 and V3 and later use ADE for PDF support.

  • a. Cannot change font
  • b. 5 levels of zoom with text reflow – If you have a pdf with pages sized at 8 ½ x 11 the first two are really too small to read.
  • c. Supports TTS (unencrypted pdf at least).
  • d. Supports search feature
  • e. Supports hyperlinks in the document.

Some releases have a second PDF reader called XPDF based on the old Hanlin firmware. If present this choice will show up on the menu while reading a PDF document. You can choose this to change the default reader for PDF.

  • a. 3 zoom levels with the largest one in landscape mode. 1 is full page, 2 removes the left and right margins, 3 shows half page in landscape mode. Images are also zoomed so this is good for text that is the form of images.
  • b. TOC is supported.
  • c. Internal links are not supported.

[edit] FB2

This is supported by Cool Reader.

  • a. 5 available font sizes selected by menu
  • b. landscape or portrait mode
  • c. Supports TTS
  • d. Font face, Arial and Times New Roman
  • e. Does not support search

[edit] TXT

  • a. Book uses whatever the system font is. If you want to change the font you have to exit the book and go to the root directory to do so. You can put custom fonts on your SD card and use them as the system font.
  • b. 3 different font sizes, the largest size causes the unit to switch to landscape mode.
  • c. Supports TTS
  • d. Does not support search.

[edit] PDB

PalmDOC format (TEXtREAd)

  • a. Book uses whatever the system font is. (same as txt).
  • b. 3 different font sizes, the largest size causes the unit to switch to landscape mode.
  • c. Supports TTS
  • d. Does not support search.
  • e. Does not support TOC

The file extension can be changed to PRC and then documents will be read by the MOBI reading program and will have some of the features of MOBI such as fonts, and zoom levels all portrait.

[edit] DOC

This is support for Word files.

[edit] DJVU

This is an image format but it is treated by the Hanlin as an eBook format. The images are zoomed to remove margins. Currently the landscape mode puts the margins back in. This often makes the text smaller than the second portrait zoom.

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