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Wolf format is a proprietary format from Jinke for their HanLin eBook readers.


[edit] Input

Wolf files can be created from Wolf Printer. Wolf Printer is a printer driver on your Windows PC. the WOLF Printer will automatically appear on the menu for WORD, EXCEL and PowerPoint. After you click the item of the menu, it will convert WORD, EXCEL, and PowerPoint into WOLF format.

Wolf Printer is also added in the Printer file list, thus you can use Wolf Printer to convert various file formats into WOLF format. Using Wolf printer will make a WOLF file that is composed of bitmaps of the individual pages.

Jinke also provides Wolf Maker and Wolf Browser for Windows PC's to make Wolf content or view it on a PC. Wolf Maker supports conversion of TXT, HTML, BMP, JPG, CHM, eml etc.

[edit] Reader Software

Jinke has native support for Wolf format in all of their readers. They also have a lite version and a Browser version for Windows platforms.

Cool Reader version 3 can read Wolf formatted bitmap data on Windows and Linux machines.

A Cool Reader Engine has been developed that will allow programs to create products for various platforms. One of the first was a reader that actually works on Jinke devices.

[edit] Description

Wolf format usually has a .wol extension. It can support DRM using a sim card installed in the reader to supply the unique id. Not all readers have a sim slot. At this point there is no known commercial english source for eBooks in this format, although chinese books can be purchased via the iStation application. There are some free eBooks at http://www.walkbook.net a Turkish company that sells these Readers. Note that these are images and thus the books are rather large.

It supports a cover page, table of contents, text and embedded images with up to 4 levels of gray scale.

Images are a raw bitmap with 1 or 2 bits per pixel and can be uncompressed or compressed using LZSS compression. For monochrome images 1 is black and 0 is white; in 4-level gray images 0 is black and 3 is white.

The eBook format seems to primarily use images rather than text data although there may be a way to generate text based data in wolf format using tools from Jinke. The printer support is image based.

[edit] Conversion methods

The following tools can be used to convert documents to the Wolf format.

  • JAP - to convert PDF/DjVu files directly to WOL format (with many useful functions, such as 2,3,4 frames per PDF page, manual frame positions adjusting (separately for even and odd pages), brightness/contrast adjusting etc. - it definitely worth trying.
  • FB2GrWol - Convertor of the FB2 format to the graphical WOLF format (nice tool if you like Table of Content and custom fonts on V8).

[edit] For more infomation

http://www.jinke.com.cn/Compagesql/English/ - the Jinke web site.

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