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Click on one of the following links to find reviews on MobileRead about your favorite ebook reader. Short Web Links are to reviews in the forum while direct links are in this wiki. There are also web sites listed using the full URL.


[edit] Sites providing reviews for eReaders

See also eBook blogs which also covers eBook Readers.

[edit] eBook Readers

[edit] Amazon

[edit] Astak

[edit] Bebook

[edit] Bookeen

[edit] Cool-er

[edit] eBookwise-1150

[edit] Pocketbook

[edit] Sony

[edit] txtr

[edit] Other

[edit] Comments

To search the MobileRead forum for multiple word names use quotes. For example to search for "Kindle DX" just put it in quotes (%22) in the search argument. Also, if some cases alternative spellings can be used. For example, If you weren't sure if every reviewer would write Cool-er or Cooler just search for Cool.

Make up your own search by using the URL


where you replace the XXXXXXX with the term you wish to search on. If you want to include more than one search word separate them with a space using the string %20 like this: Pocket%20Pro You can click on the above link and then change the XXXXXXX entry.

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