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InkCase is a protective case for you smartphone with a second screen on the back. This carries forward the idea of a slate device with the best features using dual screens. The latest version is called InkCase Plus.


[edit] Overview

InkCase can turn your case into an E Ink eBook reader, or can display any other data you wish making your phone into a dual screen device. It is available for iPhone and Android based Smartphones.

InkCase displays any picture you want on the back of the phone, including weather forecasts, your daily To Do List. InkCase’s E-paper technology and low power consumption complete your eBook reading experience on a Smartphone without hurting your eyes nor worrying about draining the phone’s battery. InkCase is available to users of iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Note II and many more models to be supported soon.

InkCase's slim and light weight design that you hardly notice the differences and is a great gift for your loves one. The e-paper will protect your eyes from long time reading. It was designed by Gajah International and distributed by Oaxis.

[edit] How does it work?

InkCase uses a Bluetooth connection and custom apps to display content. Apps include:

  • InkCase Connection - needed for Android to facilitate the Bluetooth connection
  • InkCase photo for both Android and iPhone
  • EpiReader for eBook reading. Android and iPhone versions that supports CBZ/CBZ, TXT, Doc, FB2, Epub, PDF as well as Adobe DRM.

[edit] Specifications

[edit] I5

  • Suitable For iPhone 5 / 5S
  • Display: 3.5 inch 360 × 600 pixels E Ink Mobius about 200 ppi
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Weight: 52g
  • Dimensions: 127.3 x 61.8 x 13.6mm
  • battery
  • memory

[edit] N2

  • Suitable For SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II
  • Display: 4.3 inch 600 × 800 pixels
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Weight: 82g
  • Dimensions: 148.8 x 84.9 x 16mm
  • battery
  • memory

[edit] S4

  • Suitable for the Samsung Galaxy S4

[edit] InkCase+ FitCase

  • Display: 3.5" E Ink 360 x 600, 200 dpi, 16 level grayscale
  • Battery: 3.7 V 500 mA, 19 hours continuous reading, 7 days standby.
  • Bluetooth: 2.1, used to communicate with the phone
  • Memory: 32 MB
  • OS: supports Android 4.0 and above, better 4.3 and above.
  • Dimensions: 107 x 58 x 5.2 mm
  • Weight: 45g
  • USB, micro USB port for charging.

A removable 3.5-inch display module that can be inserted into dedicated a smartphone case and used as an auxiliary screen, or use it stand alone as display information from your smartphone.


With InkCase+ FitCase, a smartphone protective case made to retrofit inkcase+ for the main stream smartphones, transform the inkCase+ to a smartphone companion, display pictures, daily notice, alerts, logs, and you can even read books.

Introducing Inkcase+

With the InkCase+ FitCase, Smart Phones users can customize the case with their own favorite pictures, change the pictures on the case at any time we desire, perhaps with your favorite vacation photo with your partner, your new born baby, car, quotes. reads, notifications, alerts, & other information via Bluetooth from your smartphone.

Details of the inkCase+

With less than 50g and 5mm thick, InkCase+ is one of the smallest, thinnest & lightest information display that you can find in the market. Inkcase+ features with 3.5” E-Ink screen technology used in the e-reader, which image or information on the E-ink electronic display will be retained even with the absence of power source.

For example, when reading on an InkCase+, power is only needed when turning to a new page. No power is consumed by the display while reading the page. This is most noticeable when the InkCase+ goes into sleep mode where a still image is being retained with no power source applied

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