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LifeWay Christian Resources is a company that sells Christian books and other supplies. They also have brick and mortar stores. They no longer own WordSearch Bible. Much of this page will need revision.


[edit] Overview

LifeWay is the parent company for B&H Academic and B&H Publishing.

[edit] eBooks

They have eBooks in the following categories:

  • Bible Study
  • Fiction
  • Christian living
  • Bibles
  • Devotionals
  • References
  • Women
  • Biography

If you sort the eBooks category by price you will find hundreds of free eBooks.

[edit] Apps

LifeWay has its own LifeWay Reader app for Android and iOS. It is a simplified version of the WordSearch Bible app. It looks very similar and operates the same except it does not have a split screen capability and cannot read books online. They must be downloaded to the device. It does have Bible lookup via links and you can select the default Bible. It is more oriented to reading devotional and other Christian books rather than Bible study. They provide a fairly large set of free books already in the app. Books you buy will automatically show up. You can also link your LifeWay account to the WordSearch Bible app and your books will show in this app also after you do a sync library (available by tapping the person icon).

[edit] MyWSB

The site provides services for both Lifeway and WordSearch Bible. To see both sets of books you will need to link your ID on the WordSearch site to your ID on the LifeWay web site. Go to my Accounts and click on Linked ID's and then select the other site. You accounts will be linked and you can access both sets of books.

[edit] Syncing with WordSearch Bible

WordSearch Bible and LifeWay have some overlap in the books in their library and Books in your LifeWay library may have equivalents that you may not own in your WordSearch library. By syncing the two libraries you may get some new books. Here is how:

  • Bring up Tools > My Library List
  • Notice the box in the upper left called Registrations
  • Login to your LifeWay account
  • You can now notice that some of your LifeWay eBooks show up in your library list. They will have a different symbol in the Ownership column.
  • Bring up Help > unlock Purchased books

WordSearch Bible will find the LifeWay books you own and offer to download any that are also in the WordSearch Bible web site. Actual duplicates will not be downloaded.

The My Library List will now show the full contents of both libraries. If you own a book in a different category than those listed in your WordSearch Bible Categories these new categories will also show up in the categories section of My Library List.

If you need to know, before you purchase, whether the book is available from both sources then you will have to find it on one site and then search for it on the other. There may be significant differences in the price from one site to the other.

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