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WordSearch Bible is a eBook reading and Bible study software app for Christian books. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X (See WordSearch Bible), and a mobile versions for the iOS and Android systems. There is also https://www.mywsb.com/reader which is now called the WordSearch Bible web app. This is a reader that uses your web browser which can be used for all platforms including those not directly supported with an app. This page is primarily devoted to the iPad/iPhone version. This app works on both iPad and iPhone. A review, WordSearch Bible app review, is also available.


[edit] ** Notice **

As of September 18, 2020 WordSearch Bible has been purchased by Logos. The WordSearch library is being transferred free of charge. LifeWay is not included in the sale. It is a separate company. Logo has their own software and support. The latest version of iOS and iPadOS (14.0) has broken forever the WordSearch apps. To use your Apple device you can use the browser to go to http://mywsb.com, as mentioned above. You can make an icon to substitute for the app.

[edit] Overview

The WordSearch Bible is a free download from the iTunes store. It is now a universal app that works in iPhones as well as iPads. Its main feature is that it can use the same books that are available for the desktop model. Most of the desktop books are also available for download to the iOS and Android version at no additional charge. However the Desktop version is not required as the app can be used by itself with more than 100 free eBooks. While the desktop version is primarily devoted to Bible study the iOS app is equally at home with just being used to read books. This application is developed by LifeWay Christian Resources. LifeWay has its own app but but all the books from both companies will work in the this app.

Note that there is a free version of the Desktop applications as well which can share eBooks with the apps. The Desktop applications can sync to the portable apps for reading and notes purposes though the online version at http://www.mywsb.com which is also synced. It will also work with eBooks from both companies.

[edit] Features

  • Read the same books as the desktop versions. No need to buy them again. Any book purchased for the app will also be available for the desktop.
  • Performs as an eBook Reader - This is its main feature.
    • highlighting.
    • note taking.
    • bookmarking.
    • font size and other customizations are provided.
  • Downloaded books can be viewed off-line. Internet connection needed for download.
  • A study view can show 2 books, one above the other, and notes can be added.
  • Sync a Bible and a book or second Bible together so they track. Good for commentaries.
  • you can switch Bibles and the new version will be at the same verse.
  • Library view has either a list or bookshelf. All the available books you own are shown sorted by category and in alphabetical order within the category.
  • Library view can be limited to just downloaded books if desired.
  • A Bookstore is available to purchase more books.
  • Search feature for books or full downloaded library.

[edit] Status of apps

  • The description can be found at The WordSearch Bible web site. This page has help for using the product.
  • This is a new app and more features are planned.
  • Not all books from the Desktop version are available for this app. More are being added weekly. It may be that there are licensing issues to be worked out with some publishers.
  • There are already thousands of books available.

[edit] Android

The version for Android requires 4.0 or above. It does not yet have all the features of the iPad version. The description can be found at The WordSearchBible web site includes help for the Android version.

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