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Web app screen in Microsoft edge showing library menu (Version 8, version 9 is similar)

The Logos web app is found at https://app.logos.com. It looks very much like the standard Logos Desktop‎ and is shown on the right.


This web app works with your database of books without having to download anything. You will need an Internet connection. It will run on a standard web browser. There is also a web app called https://app.verbum.com that is basically the same web app but targeted at Catholic users.

[edit] Main Menu

The main menu (shown as ...) allows you to go to other sites and even download a copy of Logos. The sites include: Logos (or Verbum) site, Faithlife group and forums. From the forum you can reach other places, Logos, Bible, Blog, Sermons, and Wiki.

The version 9 banner menu includes Factbook next to the Library icon.

[edit] Differences from the Desktop

The Logos web app has some, not so obvious, differences from the Desktop version.

  • The Logos emblem on the top line is live. Clicking it will take you to your open books.
  • The library choice cannot be made a different size and only shows 6 books at a time and only contains two sort options, title and author.
  • The number of books you own will appear at the end of the search line. This will change as you type search items in.
  • To save your page setup make a bookmark, or add in favorites (depending on the browser) Your last setup is saved automatically when you quit the app.
  • To get the full screen on your phone you may need to rotate the screen sideways.
  • When reading a book the three lines at the top left of the page turns on and off the TOC and it also includes a Notes choice which is different than the desktop.
  • The books are always opened using 1/2 the width of the screen and you cannot resize them by dragging the edge. You can use the layout command to resize and arrange multiple windows in predefined arrangements.
  • You can select "reading view" in the menu and the current book will fill the Web app full width and height of the current browser size. This will provide a few more lines on the screen. Once selected you will need to click the "close reading view" command in the upper right corner to return to regular mode. This is similar to the Desktop but in the Desktop it will zoom the image to a full screen which the web app can't do.
  • The top of the screen has a drag to section like the one on the desktop but it can only be used for books you have open by dragging the tab to the area, it will not work for tools, guides, or docs.
  • The filter list is much smaller. It has Subject, Type, Author, Series, Publisher, and Language.
  • Books and resources cannot be downloaded in or for the app but they are expected to be in the Desktop.
Compare Web app with Mobile app using split view in iPadOS

[edit] Compared to Logos Mobile app

The image on the right shows a difference in the amount of page you can read in the Logos Mobile app versus this app when reading a book. The overhead from using a browser is clearly evident. This is the major advantage of the mobile app along with its ability to work without an Internet connection. It is possible to enable full screen reading mode but it will only gain the removal of the command line at the top.

However, the are many advantages for this app in other features. These include the look which provides the same feel as the desktop. There are commands that are not available from the mobile app although some Mobile app commands do take advantage of the web app functions, such as the Atlas.

[edit] Optional features

Many of the Logos 9 desktop app features have also been added to the web app! Some of these features require a paid upgrade; see the feature comparison chart for details.

  • Charts tool: New graph types, animations, and export options to visualize your Bible search results.
  • Factbook redesign: Start your study on anything in the vastly expanded Factbook. In addition to people, places, and concepts, Factbook now supports lookup for Bible passages, Greek and Hebrew lemmas and word senses, original manuscripts, authors, resources, and much more. Start with the Key Article for a quick summary, and click through to other Logos tools and searches to dig deeper. A Factbook icon, like the Desktop, has been added to the main commands on the top line.
  • Note updates: Add images to your notes from your resources, stock photos, or phone camera. Your responses in resource text boxes (in books like study guides) are now integrated with the Notes tool for browsing and searching.
  • Reading Plans update: Easily start a reading plan from any resource in your library, with sessions intelligently broken down by table of contents. The new option to "Read at your own pace" allows you to track progress without the pressure.
  • Sermon Builder: Sermon Editor is has new features, and has been renamed Sermon Builder. Save your favorite sermon outline as a Template to jumpstart your next sermon. Refer to your research notes and insert commentary highlights and other quotes with the Notebook Sidebar. Bring your sermon to the pulpit in Preaching Mode: a clean format with no distractions.
  • Sermon Manager: View and browse all your sermon documents with facets like date, passage, and topic. Bulk create a sermon series, or import your entire liturgical season, complete with passages for every reading. Plot out your preaching schedule alongside your Faithlife church calendar, and see your entire year at a glance in the radial calendar view.

[edit] Summary of V9 features

  • Library
  • Command Box
  • Basic Search
  • Notes (syncs with Logos 8 desktop & mobile)
  • Sermon Editor
  • Sermon Manager
  • Courses
  • Bible Browser
  • Canvas Tool
  • Factbook
  • Workflows (abbreviated)
  • Text Comparison Tool
  • Passage Guide (abbreviated)
  • Exegetical Guides (abbreviated)
  • Atlas
  • Autocomplete
  • Basic panel/tab management
  • Bible Word Study (abbreviated)
  • Sermon Starter Guide
  • Interactives
    • Before and After: Biblical Sites
    • Canon-Comparison
    • Counting the Ten Commandments
    • Days of Creation
    • Greek Alphabet Tutor
    • Interactive Infographics from the Faithlife Study Bible
    • Interlinear Explorer
    • Psalms Explorer
    • Who Killed Goliath

[edit] Bliblia.com

Biblia is another web app with access to your database of books. It has a different look but provides similar capability. It has a focus on Bible reading. (http://Biblia.com)

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