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Logos is short for Logos Bible software from Faithlife. Logos provides software and collections of Christian Bible study books. This article covers Logos in general with links to specific apps and features.


[edit] Platforms

Logos software is needed to read Logos eBooks. The company promotes buying the software in a package with lots of books for a high price (which is a bargain only if you want those books), but you can also get the basic software for free and it can be upgraded with features later. The current version (9) is available for free on the Desktop version and you can upgrade Version 8 for free. You will need an account to use this product which will help to sync the various tools and books. The same account will work at all (or most) of the various sites listed on this page and all of the tools. There is an allocated database stored on the Internet for each customer which allows syncing between your computers, phones, and tablets. For portable devices there is a sync command that allows manually sync but for a desktop version it is automatic when the program is first opened and often when it is closed. For example, if you make changes to defaults like the version of the Bible you use it will be changed in all platforms.

  • Logos Desktop systems are available for MacOS and Windows. Go to the Logos web site and search for "free Logos". You can choose the 9 Basic and/or the Verbum 9 Basic (for Catholic books added). Note that a download option is likely in the banner at the top of the page.
  • Logos Mobile versions are available for iOS, iPadOS, Android, Kindle Fire; available in app stores
  • Faithlife Study Bible, Faithlife eBooks, Logos Study Bible Tools, Proclaim Remote, Biblia Logos, Verbum Catholic Bible Study.
  • subscription service includes a set of books.
  • There is also a version targeted at Web Browsers, See: Logos web app for all other platforms or when you don't want to download software such as when using someone else's computer. Catholic users can use the Verbum web app.
  • http://Biblia.com (Biblia) is another online connection to your database. It is primarily for Chrome OS but usable on other Browsers. There is an iOS app also called Biblia. It is specifically for Spanish language users and is otherwise very similar to the Logos Mobile app.

Comparison Chart of Desktop, Mobile, Web app

[edit] Languages

Logos Desktop can be used in any of 12 different languages. To change the language perform the following steps:

  1. In Logos, click Tools > Utilities > Program Settings.
  2. In the General section click the dropdown menu beside Language.
  3. Close the Program Settings panel and restart Logos.

These include: Afrikaans, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese.

In addition to the above languages there are Bibles in Arabic, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Latin, and Russian

[edit] Extra Books

Here is a comparison of the number of books I have available for the different platforms of Logos. I have recorded only the last two digits from my collection on each source as this makes the comparison easier.

Many of the extra books in the mobile versions and independent web apps are foreign language Bibles and perhaps other documents. Catholic differences are based on Catholic Theology. If you want one of these extra books on a different product or you want to download it you will need to buy it. It may also be that some books you own can be excluded from the Catholic version.

[edit] Book sources

Logos calls eBooks as "resources" and lumps them together with other items, such as software, audio books, and videos. These sources will all work with the Logos software. Note that sales and book prices may be different than the same book at another site.

Note that some eBooks and groups of books are sold as a rental and will expire if not renewed. There are also offers for books that are not yet published. There are groups of books that might save you money if you want most or all of them. Be sure that you are buying what you want. Many of the same eBooks are in the various sources but you may find different deals. There is also a bidding system to get a new book published by promising to buy it.

[edit] Free books

There are three special free books offered each month. See Faithlife#Free_Books and look for https://www.facebook.com/groups/FreeLogosBooks for Free books.

There are several free books available all the time. To find the free books and cheap books you should find the deals under $10 entry, usually available on the Home page of the Logos desktop and then sort the list by price (lowest first). The free software will be listed as well. You can narrow the list by selecting the "unowned" box. You can also tap search and enter "price:0" without the quotes if you only want free books.

[edit] User Contributed Books

Personal Books available for download contributed by other users. It is also possible to convert your own books. For more information see https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015624592-Scanning-Resources-Into-Logos-Bible-Software.

[edit] Book Features

There are two types of Logos Editions:

1 Logos Research Editions get the full Logos treatment. They catalog topics discussed, Scripture references, theological concepts, bibliographic info, citations, and so much more. Then we connect them to Logos tools so you can access essential info in seconds flat. The Logos command Logos_Desktop#FACTBOOK and other internal tools can utilize this extra info to capture and show this data.

2 Logos Reader Editions are designed to be read cover to cover. They tag Scripture references with links, and some other basics, but forgo the robust treatment given to reference works. This drastically speeds up production, enabling us to release them the same day as print! These can provide browsing and reading bestselling Research Editions. The status of some books can be changed.

[edit] Abbreviations for Books of the Bible

While searches will accept more traditional abbreviations for the Books of the Bible, the table below highlights the 2 Character abbreviation (and sometimes 3) for the Books with an added number(s) when needed. A space between numbers and letters is optional. Multiple books can be separated with a / or a space. A Range of consecutive books can be shown with the first book and the last book separated with a hyphen. These abbreviations are also used in the short name for a book. The short name, if available, appears in the tab when the book is open. (It can be changed in the Logos Desktop by the user.) They are listed in alphabetical order. The multiple books shown in the table are examples. Spelled out numbers such as "first" are treated as digits.

Book Abv Book Abv Book Abv
1 Corinthians 1Co 1 Kings 1Ki 1,2,3 John 1-3 Jn
1, 2 Chronicles 1,2Ch 1 Peter 1 Pe 1 Timothy 1Ti
1 and 2 Kings 1,2Ki 1, 2 Thessalonians 1,2Th 1,2 Timothy and Titus 1-2Ti/Tt
2 Corinthians 2Co 2 Kings 2Ki 2 Peter and Jude 2Pe/Jud
Acts Ac Amos Am Colossians Co (Col)
Daniel Da Deuteronomy Dt (De) Ecclesiastes Ec
Ephesians Ep (Eph) Esther Es Exodus Ex
Exodus to Ruth Ex-Ru Ezekiel Eze Ezra Ezr
Galatians Ga Genesis Ge (Gen) Habakkuk Hab
Haggai Hag Hebrew He (Heb) Hosea Ho
Isaiah Is James Ja (Jas) Jeremiah Je
Job Job Joel Jo John Jn
Jonah Jnh Joshua Jos Jude Jd (Jud)
Judges Jdg (Ju) Lamentations La Leviticus Le
Luke Lk Mark Mk Malachi Ma (Mal)
Matthew Mt Micah Mi (Mic) Nahum Na
Nehemiah Ne Numbers Nu Obadiah Ob
Philippians Php Philemon Phm Psalms Ps
Proverbs Pr Revelation Re (Rev) Romans Ro
Ruth Ru Samuel Sa Song of Solomon So
Titus Tt Zechariah Zc (Zec) Zephaniah Zp (Zep)

[edit] Using Logos without the Internet

The Logos Mobile app and the Logos Desktop app with both work without an Internet connection. However there are limitations, in particular, with the mobile app. Without the Internet:

  • There is no sync between devices. This should be expected. The sync will be restored when the Internet is restored.
  • Books that you have not downloaded will not be available. Generally the desktop version downloads everything but the Mobile app does not. Most people only download their default Bible and a few books they are interested in currently.
  • The library view continues to show all of the books even without an Internet connection. Use the filtering feature on the Logos Mobile app to select only downloaded books otherwise they will be mixed in the list of books. They can be identified since they show a cover while it is missing on all the other books.
  • Of course the Logos web sites will be unavailable without an Internet connection. This show up mostly on the Home page where some items will be missing and of course tapping them won't go anywhere.

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