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MobileRead now has a special interface for Mobile Users. While not all of the features of the standard version are available yet for the Mobile version the interface does provide specialized support for small mobile low power devices. Both the Home page and the forums can be accessed from this interface. Of course, many mobile devices can still use the standard interface, particularly in landscape mode.


[edit] Access

You can access our mobile site through any of the following URLs:

[edit] Hints

Visitors with vision problems may find the above links' text-focussed simplification conducive to more comfortable forum-browsing.

If you click on ┬╗ next to an updated thread (threads that contains updated posts are displayed in bold), you'll get right to the first unread post.

If you see an H and F on the bottom line these are abbreviations for Home and Forums respectively. Tap the letter to access the topic.

[edit] Apps

Mobile apps can be used to access MobileRead. Tapatalk is a supported app available for iOS, Android and Windows phone.

[edit] Reading Wiki pages

There is no separate interface to the wiki for mobile devices. However, to remove the left column to temporarily provide more reading space click the "printable version" link at the bottom of the left column. On a PC you can use ALT+SHIFT+P to force this mode.

Landscape mode will help the reading as well. Following any link including the one at the bottom of the page will revert to normal mode display.

[edit] RSS feeds for MobileRead

If you are only interested in see the changes you might like the RSS feeds for MobileRead as well. These include:

The wiki also has feeds for some of the pages for both RSS and Atom. Check the left column for the feed for that page. The most commonly used is the Recent Changes page.

The NewPages also has a feed.

You can also follow the syntax of the examples above and set up to follow any page change you have interest in.

It is also possible to build a feed on a set of related pages. For example to set up a feed of all the articles that are linked to on the Main Page use this:

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