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This page is currently just a collection of references.


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[edit] Multilingual books

  • Interlinear Books -- features bilingual books for language learners translated in the Interlinear format, where the translation follows each word or phrase. Available in ePub, PDF formats. Currently serves Swedish, German, Lithuanian and Russian books.
  • Doppeltext -- features Bilingual books - for ePub 3, Kindle, and web browsers. They use professional published translation. Click a paragraph to see it translated in the flow or set up parallel flows.

[edit] Devices known to support non-Latin characters

Kindle readers/apps: both apps and readers come with code2000 as a universal fallback font and can display most languages covered by the the Unicode 5.2 standard. Amazon also bundled some CJK and Indic fonts with all current models and apps and 2 Arabic fonts with the current iOS and Android apps.

PocketBook: PocketBook readers support Greek, Hebrew and Arabic, many Eastern-European languages (e.g. Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and Georgian) and CJK.

Kobo: Kobos come with an epub3-compatible rendering engine and should be able to display all non-Latin alphabets in kepub books properly, if a suitable font is embedded or installed on the device. Kobos also have built-in support for Japanese.

[edit] translators

Professional translators charge about $0.17USD/word, to the simpler romance languages like Spanish, and went UP from there. Other choices include:

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