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Noteslate SHIRO

Noteslate is a company that is in the process of launching new writing slates. As the shipping date of the first product has been pushed forward since 2014 some have claimed it is vaporware. The new date claim to be shipping is March 2017, which has been missed. The March 2017 release date has, as of October 2017, not been revised and no new information has been sent to backers since July 2017. All available evidence indicates that this product is vaporware.


[edit] Overview

Three devices are announced: the Noteslate SHIRO, Noteslate KURO and the Noteslate HERO. The first will only differ in color: SHIRO is white, the KURO is black. The 13.3-inch Noteslate Hero, first announced in 2011 is claimed to be further developed once the first are shipped.

[edit] Notelate SHIRO

The SHIRO is the first and smallest of several planned products.

Handwriting. Drawing. Doodling. Thinking. That's Noteslate SHIRO. Simple. Unique. And sustainable. The first pure handwriting device. This is a 1 bit writing device for rapid response. It has a 16 level grayscale mode intended for reading PDF files. It comes with a writing pencil.

This is primarily an offline device but can be hooked to the network to share the results. The exchange format seems to be PDF. This would make sense if you are recording strokes rather than a raster image.

The SHIRO has a white body (as shown). There is also the KURO which has a black body but it otherwise the same. The pre-order price is $199.

[edit] specifications

  • E Ink Pearl HD 6.8” 1080x1440 pixels
  • Freescale SoloLite @1GHz + GPU
  • Memory 8GB up to 32GB with SD card
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11 abcd, Bluetooth
  • Noteslate OS
  • Dimensions: 126mm x 175mm x 10mm (5" x 6.9" x .4")
  • Weight: less than 240g (8.6 oz)
  • USB 2.0
  • Battery: lasts 3 weeks.

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