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DASUNG released an E Ink based computer monitor for those who read on their computers. It is called the Paperlike Pro.

[edit] Features

  • World’s First E Ink Carta Monitor - 13.3” display 2200 × 1650 pixels 4:3 aspect ratio
    • latest (Nov 2017) dropped to 1600 x 1200 pixels.
  • Lower resolutions possible down to 800 x 600. Lots of different settings.
  • Up to 32 grayscale levels, 16 level standard.
  • Paper-like - Relax your eyes, No blue light, No flashing, No backlight, Not glossy, no eye strain
  • Connects via HDMI cable and obtains all power from the HDMI port. (originally a USB port) USB available for external lamp.
  • Pair with mini-host and keyboard
  • High refresh rate - Videos will work.
  • Contrast Conditioning - Define your own contrast, grayscale settings to help with color mapping.
  • Quick blink feature allows adjusting refresh time, timer blink, user controlled, or smart blink.
  • mirror or extend your existing monitor, portrait and landscape modes.
  • Different display modes A5, Floyd algorithm (trades detail for speed) and A61 mode (shows 61 gray levels).
    • Standard A2 (black and white) and 16 (16 gray levels)
  • external lamp interface via USB-A connector.
  • Supports Windows and MacOS X. Will also work with Linux
  • Price $995

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