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Sumatra PDF Viewer is a lightweight free Windows program lets you view PDF documents and many other #Formats without a lot of extra features that slow things down. It has all the basics you need and none of the fluff that you don't. This is a free program for windows users.


[edit] Overview

  • Sumatra PDF supports PDF, eBook (ePub, MOBI), FB2, XPS, DjVu), Help CHM, Comic Book (CBZ and CBR) formats.
  • Sumatra PDF is powerful, small, portable and starts up very fast.
  • It is licensed under (A)GPLv3 license, with some code under BSD license.
  • The PDF Reader also includes a plugin that can be installed during setup for viewing PDF documents in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.
  • The program has a CLI with lots of options and a Menu interface for actual reading.
  • This program can print documents, thus it can convert some formats to PDF as a print option. This feature requires the PDF interface option which treats every format as a fixed page PDF.
  • The program is available as 64bit, 32bit and portable app.

[edit] Features

  • Multiple Files can be opened simultaneously even if they are different formats.
  • files names are listed and selected across the top of the display. They can also be exited by tapping the X. Selection can also be made on the menu File.
  • The display shows different structure based on the format. For PDF it tends to look like Adobe, while for ePub it shows two columns (based on view menu).
  • A drop down menu is consistent on the left side. The content inside the headings depends on the format.
    • File: Open, close, Save as, rename, properties, exit and depending on format other entries.
      • File will also list open documents allow selection
    • View: One page, facing pages, etc.
    • Goto: page number, first page, last page, next page, previous page. May have find.
    • Zoom: depends on format.
    • Favorites: may not be shown.
    • Settings: Language and options.
    • Help: Visit web site, Manual, check updates, about.
    • Window: Manipulate current window. resize, move, close, minimize, maximize, etc.
  • The program look and feel can be customized. See
  • There are two versions: Standard windows and portable version. Multiple portable versions can be on the same machine using different folders thus different settings can be used.

[edit] Formats

If Ghostscript is installed, it supports PostScript (.ps, .eps) files.

[edit] For more information

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