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AZARDI is a free program designed as an ePUB reader. A commercial customized version is also available. It now supports ePub 3.


[edit] Overview

AZARDI is designed as a working ePub reader for content authors and user of academic, reference, education (textbooks), instruction manuals, business publications, interactive content and much more. In the free release AZARDI lets the end-user control all aspects of presentation and flow. In the commercial version publishers have control to ensure content presentation matches the subject matter, especially when it incorporates XY layout components.

The AZARDI release is a full reinvention of AZARDI and the eBook Reader. This new version is built on the latest Mozilla framework and inherits all the advanced features of Firefox 20.

AZARDI works on all desktops Linux, Macintosh and Windows.

The version number of AZARDI now tracks the version number of Firefox. This means the features and capabilities of the reader are always well understood by all users of Firefox and content designers in particular. AZARDI in now at release 32 matching the features in the Mozilla release. It now fully supports the IDPF fixed layout specification. AZARDI 26 introduces an I18N interface in 11 languages, plus epub:type popup footnotes, notes and glossary definitions. Release 32 introduced full text index search across multiple books.

The AZARDI User Guide is available in ePub3 format on the resources page.

[edit] Features

  • Supports ePub 3 and ePub 2 and secure AZD format.
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Native MathML
  • SVG
  • Web Browser Typography - OTF properties and hyphenation are supported with the -moz or CSS-3 CSS properties.
  • Supports IDPF Fixed layout
  • Page and flow modes
  • Multiple readers open
  • Full text indexed search across multiple books.
  • Secure Online linking
  • AZARDI Interactive Engine
  • Runs on Linux, MacOS X and Windows
  • Landmarks support. If your ePub 3 uses landmarks these can be displayed with the new Landmarks button.
  • Page Nav. If your ePub 3 uses page navigation this can be displayed with the new Landmarks button and select the Page Navigation option
  • Interface I18N ready with support for Chinese (simplified), Czech, English, German, Hindi, Italian, Malay, Nepali, Polish, Russian and Spanish

[edit] Media Support

The ePub 3 specification has MP3 (audio) and MP4 (Video) as the proprietary standards. Since AZARDI is free, the authors will not pay for codecs; thus, you can only see these formats if they are in a Flash Object. AZARDI supports WebM audio and video and OGG Audio and video. MP3 patents are about to expire. From version 22 Firefox windows and AZARDI 22 will support MP4 and MP3 natively in Windows version.

Built-in image viewer. Click on an image to display it. Zoom and pan are supported.

[edit] AZARDI OL

AZARDI OL is an online version of AZARDI using your Web Browser. It works with Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer all versions with the Google Frame plugin. It is also called the AZARDI Cloud Reader.

[edit] Limitations

Page mode does not support tables overflow or too large an image. Both will be truncated. Switch to flow mode solves this problem.

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