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JetBook Lite

This is similar to the JetBook with the rechargeable battery replaced with a AA battery compartment to use 4 standard AA batteries. Standard cells extend the battery life to about 23 hours, but rechargeable AA cells could also be used. This unit supports DRM in the eReader format from Barnes and Noble and Fictionwise.


[edit] jetBook Lite

[edit] Changes to jetBook specifications

  • No MP3 audio support
  • No case or sleeve is included but the standard slip sleeve should fit.
  • The price is reduced to $149US.
  • Weight: 8.8oz, 250gm including 4 AA batteries. USB cable +50gm
  • Formats: adds eReader with support for DRM or non-DRM documents.
  • SD card: SDHC support with up to 32GB.
  • Pre-loaded with CIA World Factbook, Bible in English and considerable classic literature for a total of about 90MB

[edit] Specifications

  • Size: 153 x 109 x 10mm (25mm) , 6" x 4.2 x 0.4" (1.0"). Very comfortable true "pocket" design. The larger depth is the battery bulge. Fits inside jacket pockets easily
  • Weight: 8.8oz, 250gm including 4 AA batteries. USB cable +50gm
  • Display: 5" (105mm x 80mm) Reflective LCD 16 level grayscale (no backlight) 640 x 480 VGA, 160 ppi.
  • Language: Support for e-Book contents in Russian, Polish, English, Spanish and other languages
  • Bookmarks and auto page turn functionality
  • Book viewers remember and open at the most recent page viewed.
  • Fonts: Adjustable font type and size - 2 built in fonts (Arial and Verdana) in 6 available sizes from small 12 pt to huge 32 pt, page justification or left alignment aka ragged right.
  • Screen rotation: support for both portrait & landscape modes
  • Built-in English (explanatory) dictionary and English <-> German, English <-> Polish, English <-> Russian, English <-> Spanish dictionaries
  • No MP3 or audio support. No annotations or memos
  • The ECTACO JetBook Lite e-Book Reader supports TXT, PDF, HTML, FB2, ePUB, MOBI/PRC, RTF and eReader/PDB file formats
  • DRM formats: eReader
  • image formats: GIF, BMP, PNG and JPG file formats
  • Memory: 128MB (100MB available for books, preloaded with 90MB)
  • SD card slot for SD and SDHC cards - 32 GB max.
  • 4 x AA batteries - up to 22 hours life. rechargeable AA can be used.
  • Colors: Burgundy, Gray, White, Black.
  • Pre-loads include CIA World Factbook and the Bible in English.
back of eBook Reader

[edit] Features

Fast And Accurate Searches

With JetBook Lite it is easy to search any book in your e-library (not yet supported for PDF or eReader). JetBook Lite differs from the JetBook, searching forwards or backward from the current book location.

T9 etc Text Input

jetBook allows the advanced T9 text input method that refers to its pre-installed dictionaries to complete words as you type them. This works better when the word is a dictionary word and not a personal or geographic name or a mis-spelled word. Numeric and text input can thus also be used. Text input speed is comparable to a mobile phone. A mobile phone would require you to key '7' 1/2/3/4 times for p/q/r/s. With the JetBook Lite you key '7' then one of 1/2/3/4 for p/q/r/s or '7' scroll down, 'OK'.

On Device File Manager

The on device file manager allows you to move, rename and delete files though you will probably prefer to use a file manager such as Windows Explorer when connected to your PC. You can also create and delete folders. See folder system below.

Folder System

The Jetbook has full support for user defined folder and file structure including nested folders. You can create folders on the device using the built in file manager or when connected to a PC. The folders displayed on the device mirror the folder structure on the device and the memory card. The folders on the card are combined with the folders on the device. The Jetbooks display the title and author of each book with a file naming convention of author_Name#Title_of_Book.txt for text file in order to list/sort the books by either author or title. The file name is shown in other cases where the JetBook cannot extract the title and author from the file headers.

PDF Viewer

The earlier PDF viewer was the Foxit PDF reader. It includes Zoom and Pan/Scroll support. You can also zoom a portion of the document. The PDF reader does not support reflow. The PDF reader supports search and dictionary use (firmware level 0.15d and after)

Since firmware level 0.16 the PDF reader is the Adobe Reader Mobile. This version supports PDF reflow and has search content but there is no dictionary.

eReader/PDB Viewer

This does not yet support search or dictionary use.

Dictionary Support

The dictionaries are in multiple languages and some can be used for translation. These are a special feature of the ECTACO line of jetBooks and allow, eg, a German word to be looked up even within English text.

[edit] Firmware Upgrades

Ectaco discussion site for 0.15 firmware. This fixes several outstanding eReader problems and is a must have.

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