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Readium,, is a project of the International Digital Publishing Forum (idpf) and other supporters. It is an open source reference system and rendering engine for ePub 3® publications.

[edit] Features

  • Goal is to support all ePub 2 and ePub 3 specifications.
  • Fixed layout ePub 3 metadata
  • MathML support using MathJax
  • Media Overlays are supported with rate and volume controls.
  • EPUB Canonical Fragment Identifiers (CFIs) are supported with a standalone library. The intent is to use the library to support bookmarks and annotation.
  • SVG and bitmap images are supported in the spine.
  • an international framework is supported to be able to offer language support
  • A drag and drop capability has been added to the library view to add books graphically.
  • JavaScript
  • DOM

[edit] Goals

Readium is focused on showcasing a complete reference implementation of the IDPF EPUB 3 standard. Therefore, proprietary extensions that are not officially part of EPUB are unlikely to be supported. However, exceptions may be made for extensions that are widely supported or are needed for testing purposes. For example, Readium already supports the Apple extension to EPUB 2 for specifying fixed-layout EPUB metadata (META-INF/, etc.).

[edit] Availability

The Chrome browser web app configuration of Readium was recently launched on the Chrome Web Store, and can be installed via Chrome Readium (or via the install button on

Mac based binaries are available.

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