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LRS is the source format for Sony eBooks which are also known as BBeB (BroadBand eBook). The LRS format follows the Xylog XML format. The Xylog link provide the particulars for this format.


[edit] LRF

LRS is compiled into LRF files in a proprietary way to produce the files used on the Sony Portable Reader. These files are compressed and may also contain the pagination data for the various font sizes used on the device. For more on this format see:

[edit] Devices and Software

The following Devices and Software can read eBooks in the LRF format:

There are also utilities to convert data to this format:

[edit] Formatting Tools for BBeB

List of LRF formatting tools from Igorsk

  • MakeLRF :The first tool, released even before Sony's own LIBRIe addons. Converts a text file.
    Has a GUI, MakeLRFGUI:
  • Sony's LIBRIe addons (mostly in Japanese, and mostly require LIBRIe):
   How to install Printer for LIBRIe without a LIBRIe.
  • flatLRF, a Java tool which can convert whole sites to an LRF book.
  • Book Creator, an official tool by Canon. Probably the most complete solution, however it is not distributed freely anymore.
  • lrs2lrf, a command-line tool which uses a DLL from Book Creator to compile a Xylog XML
      (BBeB source format) .lrs file into an .lrf (Also see lrf2lrs)
  • BookDesigner: A multi-format conversion tool which can also output LRF files, using the same DLL from Book Creator. Is this an "official URL"?
  • Libriate, a MacOS X GUI for makelrf
  • BBeBook, a Java BBeB creator from HTML/PDF
  • HTML2LRF. Converts one or several HTML files to an LRF. Uses DLLs from Toolbar for LIBRIe.
  • BBeB Binder. A Windows GUI application to open and edit text/HTML files before converting to BBeB (.lrf)
  • fb2lrf, a simple and effective batch FictionBook (FB2) to BBeB converter

Tools for already compiled LRF files:

  • EditLRFMeta. Edits meta-information (Author, Title, etc).
  • LRFParser. Parses an LRF file, dumps all tags and streams:
  • LrfConvCLI. Uses flatLRF library to convert an LRF to an XML format used by flatLRF.
  • lrf2lrs. A Python tool, tries to decompile an LRF into a Xylog XML .lrs source file.

Rss2book by Geekraver: Creates beautifully formatted Sony Reader PDFs from RSS feeds and HTML pages. Thread:

[edit] LRX

If the files are protected by DRM the extension is changed to LRX. Note that the LRX file for the Sony Librie is not compatible with the DRM file used on the Sony Portable Reader Devices. Products purchased on the Sony Connect store will typically have this extension. The Sony DRM method provides for up to 6 devices that can work off the same owner code. One of those codes is used by the PC Desktop Reader called the "eBook Library."

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