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Pages is the name of a word processing program from Apple. It is available for Macs running MacOS X and iOS. It is also the name of the file format and usually has a .pages extension.


[edit] Overview

Pages is available on computers running MacOS X and on iOS. It is one of the few methods that can be used to create an eBook (ePub) on an iPhone or iPad. It uses predefined templates to aid in document creation. The Mac version allows collaboration. It is in a set of apps called iWork that also includes numbers (spreadsheet) and keynote (presentation).

[edit] Output Formats

Documents are always saved in the pages internal format. However the iOS version can export documents via eMail or open in another App in Pages, PDF, DOCX, or ePub formats. Therefore a pages document could be directly shared in iBooks. The Mac version adds RTF and plain TXT to the list of formats and may do DOC as well. If you have a pages document and need to convert it see pages convert which uses .net and will convert the text portion only.

[edit] Input Formats

Documents can be imported in Word or TXT formats.

[edit] Document format

The Pages database uses the iWork format which it shares with Keynote (presentation) and numbers (spreadsheet). It is a package format contained in a folder where the name of the folder is the document name. For distribution this folder and its content are normally zipped. The contents of the document.pages folder includes:

Data Folder containing images (jpg format for example)
Metadata Folder containing plist files and the document identifier This zip file is uncompressed and contains the actual document in a collection of IWA files.
various size cover images.

[edit] Version 2.6 features in iOS

  • Multitask while editing using new Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture on iPad
  • Quickly access formatting tools from the new Shortcut Bar on iPad
  • Easily select text using new Multi-Touch gestures on iPad
  • Use keyboard shortcuts when connected to a wireless keyboard
  • Support for new 3D Touch
  • Open Pages ’08 and ’06 documents
  • Preview shared documents on iOS and Android browsers
  • View and restore changes made to a document over time
  • New Apple-designed templates: Kids Certificate, Classic Certificate, School Newsletter
  • Easily access recently used fonts in the Fonts menu
  • Add reference lines to charts
  • Enhanced bidirectional support for Arabic and Hebrew
  • Improved Word compatibility for charts, text overflows and non-rectangular masks
  • Improved Word export
  • Improved ePub export

Many accessibility improvements:

  • VoiceOver can now read relevant text formatting details including font name and font size while editing
  • Add and review comments with VoiceOver
  • Track changes with VoiceOver
  • Add, remove and rearrange rows, columns and cells with VoiceOver
  • Get table header information with VoiceOver
  • Edit chart data and chart elements with VoiceOver
  • Change document settings with VoiceOver

iOS specific

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