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Some ebook devices allow the user to take notes with a pen on the screen, turning the eBook reader into a possible replacement for paper. Since the functionality for taking notes by itself is quite varied, This article attempts to collect information regarding the devices' usefulness for that task. It is also possible to take notes using a virtual keyboard or even a physical one that could be connected via Bluetooth.


[edit] Wacom Devices

Wacom tablets use a patented electromagnetic resonance technology. Since the tablet provides power to the pen, stylus, through resonant coupling, no batteries or cord is required for the pointing device. As a result, there are no batteries inside the pen (or the accompanying puck). This allows for more slender pens, and gives the pen-and-tablet combination a long and essentially maintenance free lifespan.

Wacom tablets are generally more accurate than touch screen based devices when it comes to writing on them with a pen. Also, since the tablet only reacts to the pen, one can rest one's palm on the device while writing, like one would on real paper, providing a much more natural and comfortable experience.

Devices using similar technology include:

[edit] Touch Screen Devices

A Touchscreen can also be used and may not need a stylus although some permit the use of one. They lend themselves more to virtual keyboards.

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