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Onyx International is an OEM manufacturer. Products cannot be purchased directly from them by consumers. They are a Chinese company located in Guangzhou (Canton). As of 2014 they seem to have a store on their web site. They use the Boox brandname often spelled BOOX. Most of their devices and all of the latest ones use Android for their OS. Boox readers with a microphone can support dictation.


[edit] Products

They make:

2018 products

They also make the hardware for PadMu - A 13.3" device targeted for musicians. Both single and double versions are available.

[edit] Current Products

BOOX web site for the latest product.

As of July 2020 The above site lists 8 products. These are:

[edit] PDF support

Advanced PDF functions available with BOOX Neoreader 2.0 software include:

  • Reflow function shows you a better performance with PDF format
  • Multiple edge cutting solution solves your PDF layout issues
  • Comic and article mode will give you a professional reading experience
  • Scribble in PDF will record all your notes
  • Scrolling

[edit] Sales and support

[edit] User forums

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